Monday, March 4, 2019

10 things I hate about the hospital!

Mom asked me yesterday for a notebook because she wants to list the 10 things she hates about the hospital - a good sign, this is the first thing that she asked for.  I brought her one today and instead of listing what she hates, she wrote her daily journal.  The first one in a month.  Another good sign. 

Here is the medical update for today - Monday, March 4th

She is still stable.  Feeling better than she has so far.  Nausea is present but tolerable for the first time. 

Today Dr G (oncologist) gave her the bone marrow aspiration.  He said she had really nice bone marrow.  She was dreading this procedure so so so much.  However it was quicker and better than expected.  We should have results in 24 hrs. 

Dr K (nephrologist) said that with no dialysis today (after 3 days in a row), she wants to see what the kidneys do on their own by looking at her numbers. 

The nutritionist prescribed a strawberry protein drink and mom was able to get it down.  A little dinner of toast and yogurt too.  No throwing up at all today! She's a whole new woman. 

The nurse told mom that she didn't look like she was 70 years old, she had to do a double check her chart and make sure she was talking to the right patient.  Mom: "A gal's never too old to hear that!". 

Today she was finally sprung from the ICU!  We moved for the second time this hospital visit up to the 7th floor, a room with a view (last room had no outside window!)  We will not miss you room 12.  (Or you, room 36!). 

Matt and I keep each other laughing, and today we had mom laughing too.  It was the first day she was back to her old self, and it felt so good to see her like that.  She talked to 2 of her friends, Marilyn (best friend from HS) and Al (OSU college buddy who lives in NYC).  They really lifted her spirits.  I think it lifted theirs too.  I'm glad they got to talk with her today, the day she was feeling better. 

She never did write her 10 things...but that's okay, we still have over a week here.  We are both dreading and anticipating this appointment tomorrow with the oncologist, as we get the results we've been waiting for and an answer to what caused this renal failure. 

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  1. So happy to hear she is feeling a bit like her old self. Keep us posted. xoxo