Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just like Pintrest

If you ever pin anything on Pintrest, you know that most of the stuff is like, oh cool, maybe I could do that myself, but the reality is, you will never ever get to it.  So it's more like a wish list of the things in your life you wish you had time for.  

I'm not a great cook, or a great baker, I don't have the patience for extremely crafty things as I'm not very artsy.  I don't have much of an eye for beautiful things.  And that is why, when I actually do something I've pinned, I'm super excited about it.  

Without further ado, my big successful pintrest followthrough!

Here was the original pin
This is what Addie chose as her cake for her teddy bear picnic birthday party!  Cute right? Looks easy enough, a plain cake covered in chocolate rice crispies, with a few cupcakes as appendages right?  Um.  Sort of.  

First I started with a plate I bought for a steal at Fred Meyer's 2 months ago, back when I was going to be super prepared for this party, nothing last minute and frazzley like usual.  Perfect for this cake.  Um, except a little smaller than I'd imagined it in my head. But I could make it work.  I think.  

Frosting it was actually pretty easy.  I felt like Martha Steward after this step.  No problem, it was 10pm, I'd be cleaned up and in bed by 11. Ready to take on 8 five year olds plus my own kids the next day!
This next picture does not do justice for how hard getting the rice crispies on to the frosted cake was.  Ack.  And they are slippery little suckers, I mean my kitchen was covered in stray choco crispies. Getting them on the sides of the cake and the sides of the ears and nose, but not the top, and just the right amount so they were actually stuck, not just piled on top of other stuck crispies...much trickier than I imagined.  
 Once I added the eyes I started to feel better about myself.  But frosting the tops of the ears and nose without getting crispies on there was no easy task.  It was like midnight at this point.  I was texting with a friend, taking pictures with my phone.  At one point I dropped my phone in the frosting.  I was a sticky mess, so was my you-can-barely-see-it-awesome plate.  I'm glad I thought to document my step by step though, even with bad lighting and a cell phone camera.  But at least here, I knew I was going to pull it off.  I didn't have black licorice for the mouth so I was a little nervous about what to use...
Then I discovered the M&Ms.  Yes, that will work.
I was so thoroughly impressed with myself.  Look at my masterpiece.  At 1am.  

The next day Lawrence and Addie marveled over the amazing cake I had made.  Lily said it looked just like the picture.  Both girls were disappointed they didn't get to help more.  I have got to learn how to bake with them underfoot.  Right after I learn how to do it with them not underfoot.  

I even made the litter bears below too.  Those were easy compared to my cake.

I'm kind of a frosting nit-wit.  So impressed with myself I am!

The teddy bear picnic was a big success.  Since her real birthday is on July 2, she thinks that red, white, and blue + the American Flag is all a symbol of her upcoming birthday!  I will post pictures of the actual party at a not committed to, later day.  I managed not to eat even one piece of chocolate while making all of this.  Not even a broken M&M!

Thanks pintrest for helping me pull something off that I surely would not have done on my own!


  1. I love the teddy bear cake! You did a great job, Friend! In case I miss it on Monday, Happy early Birthday to Addie!!! We love you all! -Lynnette

  2. Happy Birthday, Sweet Addie! ~Lynnette