Monday, May 7, 2012

Sun Smiling

The sun is shining in my office window and it is SO warm in here.  I can see Mount Hood for the first time in quite a while.  Isn't it amazing what the sun on your back and capris on your legs can do for your soul?  It's easy to smile arriving at work when you walk into your office and it looks like this.  

Even with the auditors are here and a lot of work and a lot of stress.  I'm not working terribly long hours and I have been able to mostly keep it together, and haven't missed a bedtime yet in May.  Sure it's only the 7th, but it's May, so that is saying something.  One week of the audit is done.  I'm not sweating the small stuff.  Okay, I trying not to sweat the small stuff.  Paleo meals have been tough without as much time for meal planning, so I cooked and froze a lot on Saturday.  It felt good to plan ahead.  

Sure, I forgot it was teacher appreciation week until a girl at the bus stop acted annoyed at Lily for not having a flower for her teacher and ripped off one of her own for Lily to take to her teacher.  I told Addie we could stop at the store to grab one for her teacher, but Addie said it was not necessary, she wanted to get to school in time to play before class.  Dear Addie.  Don't worry, I'll overcompensate later in the week.    

On Friday our friend Meagan came with baby Taylor for a quick visit.  OZ couldn't come, but we were so happy to see Meg and Tay.  Taylor is so petite, weighing 12 pounds at 6 months old.  She is so easy to hold and I got to put her to sleep on Friday night.  It didn't make me want a baby of my own, but I sure did love loving on someone else's, giving Meg a short break, and snuggling with Taylor as she finally succumbed to her exhaustion.  I love that moment when you feel them let go, and grow heavy in your arms.  I still love the rare occasion when that happens with my kiddos too!  

Anyway, Lily LOVED Taylor, Addie was indifferent, and Bryson was very curious.  He wasn't jealous at all when I held her, the way the other two were at this age with babies.  But I felt like I had to watch him and his unpredictibleness like Hawk.  I was impressed that he was as careful around her as he was.  

Anyway, just a glimpse of what another baby would look like in our house.  Don't start any rumors that we are going there, we are not.  And just as I would expect, Lily would like another baby the most and Addie would like another baby the least.  She and Bryson would duke it out for position of who I'd have to worry about more when alone with the baby.  

Saturday was another day filled with baseball and errands and cooking for the week.  We got the Toyota fixed but it is still making "the noise".  Sigh.  

Yesterday Lawrence ran his first HALF MARATHON.  We were so proud of him.  He did it in 2 hrs and 11 minutes.  He had to wait for a train two different times, so he thinks he could have shaved about 4 minutes off of that time if not.  He was hoping for 2 hrs, and then his adjusted goal after miles 5-8 being straight uphill (toward OHSU) he was hoping for 2 hrs and 10 minutes.  He was very sore last night, and realized his goal of a marathon before he turns 40, probably won't happen in June, more training is needed, but he still wants to accomplish it.  Hopefully that means a summer of running together as a family.  

Last weekend I went to a retreat at Cannon Beach with some wonderful women from my church.  Both mornings I got up and went for a run on the beach, I listened to uplifting music, focused on the incredible Haystack Rock, and it was all around amazing.  We talked a lot about taking quiet time.  The theme verse of the weekend was Psalms 46:10, 
Be stilland know that I am God...
I really needed that.  I can't remember the last time I was still, that my soul felt like it could just rest.  Just be, not do.  There were two built in quiet times during the weekend, where you weren't allowed to talk at all.  How great that quiet time of reflection and focus was.  

I've been eating great, taking a month long facebook fast, less TV, simplifying as much as possible, doing one minute of plank per day, going to bed earlier, waking up early to read my bible and have some quiet time everyday with God, and just generally feeling awesome and hopeful about things.  

I feel proud of all the work I'm doing to be in a better mental space, I'm thankful to God for bringing me there, it's amazing how starting off the day right each day gives me more than I need to get through an entire stressful day of demands.  

My kids and husband keep showing me my blessings right and left.  Even when I lose my patience with them, even when they don't listen, even when we are tired, even when none of us are perfect.  


  1. Lily is so cute with that baby! She looks so responsible. And good job, Lawrence, a half marathon is a big deal : )

  2. Congratulations, Lawrence!!!! OZ and Meagan's baby is adorable, and so is Lily.