Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mostly Wordless Wednesday - Easter Freedom

Some weeks you have no time for words, I am amidst those weeks!

We had an incredible Easter/Passover weekend.  Each member of our family learned something new and amazing about God and his blessings.  We celebrated Jesus and His victory on the Cross.  We learned about the need in our human hearts, in this life, culture, society for a hero, a deliverer.  We learned why we still tell this story, thousands of years later, and why this story is everywhere.  In the Bible, in movies, in books, in pop culture.  A normal nice guy comes along and he is the one person who can save humanity, and he makes a choice, a sacrifice to do it.  We celebrated Moses. We celebrated the Jews being freed from slavery in Egypt.  We ate good meals and yummy treats together as a family and we enjoyed the sunshine.  We are healthy.  We are free.  So, we celebrated.

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