Monday, April 2, 2012

The sun shines when the forecast calls for rain

Lawrence emailed me our baseball schedule this morning, and I wanted to vomit.  It's for Lily's team and he is coaching, both great things.  When I look at our already full schedule, adding 29 dates that take Lawrence and Lily outside in the mud and rain, 29 dates that I will feel guilty if I cannot attend.  Well.  Just. Vomit.  

Not to say that I don't want her to do this.  Or him to do this.  But these are first graders, 18 games and 11 more practices feels like overkill.  Still, I will find a way to make the goals that I set for myself last week work.  I will find a way to attend some of the games and help with the smaller kids on some of the practices.  I'm mostly scared about the other ones.  It's only logistics, right?  I've overcome harder things in my life than logistics.  Still, I'll admit that some days it feels like logistics are the enemy that might just bring me down.  

As for some fun weekend news, Addie got pulled aside in Karate on Saturday, to pretest for her Orange belt.  Sigh.  Saturday was to be her last class for a while.  She only knows sports in seasons and we told her that Karate season is almost over, it is baseball season now.  She got two special stripes on her belt Saturday and they told Lawrence we need to preorder her orange belt and scheduled her official test for April 14.  Um, sure, no problem.  It's not like we have a contractor coming that day to do some estimates on repairs on the house, or dinner with friends, or baseball practice, and it's right during Bryson's nap time, perfect!, we'll be there!  Because it's Addie's special thing and if you could see the excitement in her face, you would know that the only decision is to let her do Karate for another 2 weeks at least and let her test for this belt.  She held her striped belt out for me yesterday when I got home from my 5K/girls weekend and you would have thought she was showing me a treasure, precious and valuable.  Then as she and Lily skipped up to their quiet time together I heard her say, "Lily, can we talk about my belt in quiet time".  Lily shot me a sweet glance and smile, I nodded, and Lily said "Sure, Addie".  Addie beamed, beamed!

Friday was the last day of the quarter, always an extremely busy and stressful day in corporate accounting world.  I finished up around 5:30, showered and packed in 10 minutes, then watched movie night with the kids.  After getting them to bed, I packed a little more and headed to the train station to pick up my friend Lisa at 9pm.  

From there we went to my friend Sharon's house, where we met the rest of our group, one of whom, Melinda, a high school friend who drove in from Boise.  It was rainy and soggy and Sharon's amazing husband had taken her two young boys camping so that ladies weekend could take over the house.  Wine and talking until 1am (then 2am for me and my HS roomie!)

Saturday was a great day.  We ate like kings (thank you Sharon) went to the farmer's market, picked up our packets for the race, drank Rum bought for us in Belize by Christina.  Sharon made us a yummy smootie to mix with it, and then the SUN CAME OUT so we sat on the porch to drink it.  It was awesome.  

It was supposed to pour down rain on Sunday.  Our run was at 7:35am, and we were all preparing for wet feet and brought dry clothes.  We were filled with some dread.  But you know what?  The sun was shining.  The whole time.  We ran fast and hard, none of us had a best time on the clock but we definitely had the best time together.  Celebrating our friendships and the support it provides each one of us; and also celebrating our healthy bodies.  

After a great Sunday with my family and an early bedtime, I am refreshed.  My cup is full and my body is sore.  This weekend was a good reminder not to look to the forecast ahead, not to vomit about the calendar, just enjoy the sun shining at this moment.  


  1. I have the same reaction to spring soccer! Vomit! Everytime I see parents huddled in parks as I drive by I just shake my head.

    On the other hand what a great dad to coach! That's why we love our men!

  2. "We ran fast and hard, none of us had a best time on the clock but we definitely had the best time together. Celebrating our friendships and the support it provides each one of us; and also celebrating our healthy bodies."

    Jenny - it's a great way to put it. You have a way with words! I couldn't agree more... except on one little thing. Melinda MUST have rocked her best time. Man, she's fast!