Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lost tooth furniture

Lily lost her second tooth today.

It was the top right if you are looking at her.  It was hanging there by a thread for a while.  Finally today, I pulled it.  It wasn't too hard.  But once it was out, you could see the one spot in the tooth where the root was a little longer, thus the "thread" it was hanging on by.

I'll admit that I'm going to miss this smile - from two short months ago when no teeth were loose.
photo by
Those perfect little chicklets, all evenly spaced.

People, we have entered...dun dun dun...the awkward stage.

No, we haven't entered it yet, but we sure as heck on on the front entrance to the hallway that leads to awkward land.  I'm not happy about it.

She happens to be thrilled. She was the last person to lose a tooth in her class.  And she is nearly the oldest kid in her class (she informed me that she has the first bday, but she is not THE oldest, because one boy has his bday in August, so I stand corrected if I've ever told you that she was OLDEST, it is not true).

She lost her first tooth on Jan 3, and then her second today, Jan 15.  I pulled both of them, but barely. I just did the final tug so she didn't lose one during school lunch and come home devastated.

She got $3 from the tooth fairy last time, and the tooth fairy even left her tooth for her to keep/show her grandparents (and take for show n tell).  She left a note tonight thanking the tooth fairy for the three bucks and asking her to leave this tooth too.

Addie's take on things: It bleeds because, well, God makes blood because he makes it and it is down here in the gums and it is like blood when the tooth comes out and that is how the tooth stays in.


Lily: What will happen if we leave the blood in there (some inside the tooth).
Me: Well it will just stay in there and dry out, and it turns kind of a dark red/blackish color.
Lily: My WHOLE TOOTH!!!???
Me: No, just where there is blood.
Lily: Oh, well, then, I guess the tooth fairy won't mind that.
Me: No, I'm sure she has seen a lot grosser things
Lily: Yeah, like yellow teeth, and cavities, and fillings and stuff.
Me: Yep, she won't mind a drop of blood
Lily: Well, some people probably scrub it and stuff, should I scrub it?  I could scrub it.  
Me: Naw, she really won't mind (imagining her dropping it down the drain and seeing my future evening of digging in a disgusting drain pipe).  Lily, this isn't even gross to her at all.
Lily: Yeah, and she probably just has like some people who clean their teeth, and those are the ones that she uses for furniture and stuff like that.
Me: ?????  Yeah, probably.

Furniture and stuff?  I mean, what goes on in kids' minds often boggles mine.  Kids that are mine, and that I think I know all of their nuances.  This bright young girl has somehow come to the conclusion that people scrub their teeth so the tooth fairy can make FURNITURE out of it.  Sigh. Giggle.  

Well, it inspired me to write a little blog to remember, and now I have first tooth last documented as well.  So that's a good thing.  Here are pictures of that first tooth.  The one that went tonight was a top middle, and she does look adorable.  That is until BIGGIE BIG comes through.  You can see toppie is loose in this picture.  

You are going to think I'm a terrible person, but I didn't get a chance to take a picture the one from today (I know, right?!).  But these are the picture from when she lost the first one.

Can you feel the awkward coming on???  :)

Updated to add:

Now she has lost tooth number 3 on Jan 20th, no picture of that yet.  She is proud that that one is the first tooth that came out all on it's own, no "help" from mom.  The tooth fairy knew we were in Mt Hood and came there! 

3 teeth in one month.  Whew. 


  1. That is a really cute story Jenny. Don't feel bad for not taking a photo of the 2nd one. Sometimes I feel guilty that only child 1 and 2 got a baby book... and even then I didn't keep it up like some mom's. :)

  2. Ha! Love the conversation. They think of the funniest things, if only we could worry about tooth blood and not the million other things. Kids are a precious reminder of how simple and wonderful life can be.