Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

Halloween Morning
This year Lily was Minnie Mouse and she wore her costume to first grade.
They had a Halloween Party and a Parade.
Since Addie goes to a Christian Preschool they don't celebrate Halloween, but had a PJ party instead.  To her, this was as good as getting to celebrate by wearing TWO costumes, and Bryson was thrilled to be matching to Addie in Thomas attire.

Halloween Night  
Bryson kept opening dum-dums, which have become our treat of choice to hand out so we don't eat one million of them before the trick or treaters come, however, now that Bryson is in this family that might have to change.  Almond Joy here we come.
Addie ran around the house shouting, Halloween, I've been waiting the whole year, over and over and over.  We had a very excited little race car on our hands.
A smile to make me smile
A family picture of sorts.  Need proof that there is 5 of us every once in a while.  
Every year on Halloween, this is our first picture, Backs walking up the sidewalk.  And now there are three.  Hmm, I feel a timeline comparison coming on...
Bryson did not stop at the first house, he kept going.  Man, he loved being "on the run" for trick or treating.  Pushing the door bell is another favorite of his.  So this was QUITE a treat.
I wish I would have gotten some video of them.  We trick or treated with our friends the O family and all the kids had a blast.  Bryson would ALWAYS ask for seconds, and because he was so cute, always said Trick or Treat, always said Happy Halloween, and always said Thank you and bye-bye, people kept giving him MORE candy.  He bucket was heavy and full but he carried it every step of the way.
The big kids waited at almost every house for little brother to get up the stairs, and we started pretty early, so there were a lot of houses with no one home.  It really was a crap shoot as to whether someone would answer the door.  Getting them to move on and accept that no one was coming to the door after 4-6 doorbell rings was a chore.
By the last house it was dragging on the ground.  And the hood to his costume was long gone.  Everyone once in a while he would bust out a "La la la laa, La la la laaa, Ewmo's woad"

Everyone was super happy to trick or treat our house, but Bryson was NOT super happy to be done trick or treating.
After a group shot the girls were really excited to be trick or treated and count their loot.  The traded in some of it for toys that daddy got for them.
Another holiday has come and gone, and I'm sure before long they will start thinking of what they want to be next year.  Last year at this time, they were going to go as the letter "L" and "A".  I'm happy they changed their minds.
The girls were doing all they could to drum up MORE trick or treaters.  Then every time we would get another trick or treater they would act all stressed out and busy at the task of getting candy into everyone's bucket.  So fun to watch.

My favorite line of the night (other than pretty much everything that Bryson did or said)...

Lily: Man, I would do ANYTHING to get more customers

Lily - Minnie Mouse
Addie - Lighting McQueen
Bryson - Elmo
Lucy - Fancy Nancy
Bailee - Pinkalicious
Jameson - Monkey


  1. So cute! I have 2 preteens that think those little guys are just adorable, and now Jeremiah's singing the Elmo's World song just the way it looks like Bryson sings it!!! LOL! Too bad we didn't live close by! U might have a couple of babysitters in a year or so. Jeremiah will be 13 on the 11th and Angela just turned 11, so they're just about baby-sitting age!

  2. So cute... what a fun night! Thanks for letting us tag along with you guys! So glad to be home. :)