Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just a few funnies I wrote down from a "few" months back (ha. July.)

Lawrence (on the phone with me while I was at the store/bank giving him specific instructions about something):  "I don't know, I'll just call Julia and ask her" 
Me: "Why can't you just let me tell you right now?" 
Lawrence: "Because you are kind of panicking for some reason and I really want to get off the phone with you"
After we hung up, I laughed and laughed and laughed.  Because he was TOTALLY right.  I was late, had to pee, unload groceries, wearing a jacket when it was way too hot to wear a jacket, I was giving him specific instructions and I could tell he wasn't listening to them, so the agitation in my voice was MORE than a little bit obvious.  He was so right.  I did sound like I was in a shear panic.  And I think it's funny that he wanted to get off the phone with me and was candid about it.  This probably won't even sound funny to anyone else, but it reminds me about something intangible that is great about us.

Me: Addie, please don't be so rough with Bryson's hand while you show him how to do that, be gentle 

Addie: I have to, mama. I'm rough, I'm a rougher, that's what roughers do.  They say rough, rough, rough.  So if you tell me not to do that, I will say I am a rougher. 
(Covering my mouth to hide laughter)

Addie: Lily, you are really smart 
Lily: I know.  I'm really smart for a six year old, but I'm not really smart for an adult.  You are really smart too. 
Addie: I know. 
Photos by Holly Kae

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