Monday, September 12, 2011

"Not Me" Monday

MckMama challenged me to laugh at myself on this otherwise BLLAAAH Monday for all of life's little imperfections and for the things that happens that no one would evvvvver know about, unless you admit them, and really, who is going to do something like that.  Not me.  

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

1. When Lily demanded that she be allowed to get from the bus to the house without anyone waiting outside to meet her, and we argued about it for a while, I definitely did not yell at her and tell her that I didn't want a stranger to take her.  I would never take advantage of my girl and her scaredy cat tendencies to get what I want. (AND what is safe for her by the way)  Nope.  Not me.

2.  "Ding-dong".  "Ding-dong".
I did not race down the stairs during naptime with ALL my might and rip open the door to tear the culprit's head off, only to find a little girl who wanted to play with Lily.  I did not lie to the little girl and tell her that Lily wasn't home out of anger, nor did I get caught in said lie when Lily poked her head out to see who was "ringing the doorbell so much". Nope. Not me.

3.  I never ever leave my son in a poopy diaper waiting for my husband to notice and go change it, even though he would probably just do it if I asked him anyway.  Nope.  Not me.

4.  I did not type this up at work when I really SHOULD have been working on reviewing a German Consolidation worksheet.  Nope.  NOT. ME.

5.  I am Definitely not wearing the same tank top under my clothing that I slept in last night.  Out of sheer laziness and exhaustion this morning, I for sure found another camisole that was in the put away clean clothes.  As a side note ALL of my clothes are clean, folded, and put away, of course.  Never would I go a whole weekend without doing the sweaty laundry from the hottest week of the summer. Gross.  Certainly not something that I would do.
6.  I am not genuinely sad that I watched the finale of Entourage last night.  The Series Finale.  I'm not bummed today, missing my "friends".  Like they are my own friends.  Like I knew them.  And I'm not even a teeny little bit jealous that Vince got married.  And it wasn't to me who lost many hours of sleep marathoning it in order to catch up and watch the last show as it aired.  That won't add a few minutes to the old free time bank.  Nope.  None.


  1. I most certainly can NOT relate to the whole laundry folded / wearing a shirt you slept in thing. Nope. Not me! ;)

  2. Your #1 sounds like it's from a true Republican. :)

  3. I would never do any of those things either. Nope. Not me! Just like I am now not late to get my son from football practice, because I haven't been able to blog or do anything else online for 3 days! I'm surprised I didn't have withdrawals! Gotta go get that kid I'm not late picking up!

  4. Great post... adds a good laugh to my day!

  5. Haha! I love your second one about the doorbell. There have been way too many times that the doorbell as woken me up from much-needed naps, only to find some of my little siblings friends at the door eager to play. They always find a need to ring the doorbell over and over again. ayyy! Patience seriously lacks in those situations!

    Hope you're having a good week!