Thursday, April 21, 2011

Got Milk?

Yesterday was a big day for the Herman family.  For the first time ever, all members were able to share a pizza and ice cream together! 

Addie had a food challenge at the allergist where she drank milk (which by the 3rd serving (1/2 a cc) she wouldn't drink and actually puked up the 3rd dosage, due to milk's grossness), so then ate yogurt in 30 minute intervals at increasing amounts for 6 hrs.  I ran out for chocolate milk after the vomit, but by that time she was doing well with the yogurt so she stuck with that, she has had 2 cups of chocolate milk since. 

She was so so excited, and we were excited for her.  She was like a crazy woman last night, so so so happy.  What an amazing blessing it is not to have this worry for her, especially as she goes to preschool and camps this summer.  She is still allergic to peanuts, and we will go back next year to test for that, but next to this milk allergy, that feels so easy to deal with. Today they were baking in her preschool class, how nice it was not to bring something different for her or buy all the Addie safe ingredients for the whole class to use!

I think she places much of her identity in being allergic and having "special" foods, so we were careful to make sure she knew that she was VERY SPECIAL for getting to eat this and that for the first time.  We'll continue with that. 

She gobbled up her pizza like nobody's business, I wish I had that on video.  Yay, Addie, we love you very much!


  1. Yum pizza, maybe her new favorite food like the rest of us.
    ;) and ice cream too. Ya addie.

  2. From Lynnette: Yay Addie! I am so glad that there is one less stress for the entire family. Yes, peanut allergies seem so much more manageable than milk/milk protein allergies. What a blessing. :)

  3. Dear Addie: We can bake lots and lots of chocolate chip mandel bread with that BIG bag of chocolate chips I bought by mistake. And now Daddy has another partner to share his ice cream. And I know Grandpa would love to take you out for a slice of pizza. Can't wait to see you. Love, Grandma Carol

  4. Yay! I remember when Chloe could have milk again! It was so awesome! She's also allergic to peanuts, but like you said, not a big deal.

  5. Congrats on no more milk allergy!!! how awesome for her, and awesome for you to take one thing off your plate!

  6. Addie will always be a very, very special girl, no matter what she eats!