Friday, October 1, 2010

Walk a Thon

Addie had a Walk a thon this morning and Lily had her Jog a thon. I couldn't be two places at the same time during the 20-30 minutes when they walked/jogged, so I decided to go to Addie's. I was feeling bad about missing Lily's but Lawrence made me feel better by reminding me that this is the first of many many many times I'm going to have to choose one child over another and let someone down. And it will only get worse when Bryson is in school too. Huh, gee thanks babe!

I was glad I went to Addie's walk-a-thon. She has felt very important having school 2 days a week and this walk a thon was very important to her. She and Lily were giving each other tips about running vs walking and pacing yourself this morning that cracked me up. She was so cute, she ran almost the whole time. She knew just what to do from watching Lily the last two years I guess, and she was ready for her time. As we walked up, one girl named Kiera ran up and said, "Addie!" and they came together waving both hands and then interlocked fingers once they were chest to chest. It was very sweet for me to see an interaction like that for her, she is forming her own relationships outside of the ones I create for her.

She ran and ran and ran. Stopped when it was time for them to make the mark on her back to track her laps, and then ran and ran. Once she stopped at the water bottle section to give her name and collect her water bottle. I marveled at how amazing it is to see her independent of her sister, outside of our house, especially. I was just a parking lot away, but I imagined if Lily was there, holding her hand and giving Addie's name for her in order to get the water.

Addie's best friend at school "coo" as she calls it, is Luca. We are friends with his parents, but they had only hung out a few times before school started. During the middle of the walk, they started to hold hands, totally without coaxing. Addie did take off running a few times while Luca was walking, she was sweaty and red faced, she really took this thing seriously.

At the end they got snow cones, Addie's was orange, one boy pooped his pants while he sat next to Addie eating his, Addie ran the most by far of any girl, 24 laps around the parking lot, all in all, a pretty good start to the day!

Today is Julia's 20th Birthday, so while I'm getting set to work and start closing the quarter, they are baking mondel bread and cupcakes downstairs, yummy, it's making me hungry. We are having a big party for all the Au Pairs tonight at our house. Happy Birthday Julia, thanks for all you do for us!!


  1. This is impressive--flirting WHILE making all the other girls look bad...I've yet to learn this skill.

  2. I like Aimee's comment. :) I am glad that Addie is making friends at school. You have every right to be proud of her.

  3. I'm glad Addie is making friends and working hard to be an independent girl ... She looks so cute with her little peers. Go, girl!

  4. haha, i like all the moms with their coffee cups...mommy's little helper...