Saturday, September 11, 2010

7 blogs in 7 days - day 6 - First soccer game

This morning was Lily's first soccer game, and we honestly could not have had more fun. She was so good. And so happy. The whole time on the field she had the biggest smile on her face. She hustled, she tried hard, she was awesome. In her Kindergarten league there is no goalie, and that seemed to bother her somewhat. Rather than go after the ball, she would run back and guard the goal, even though the other team wasn't near it. Lawrence would yell, "Lily get off the goal and go after the ball", like a real crazy psycho sports fanatic dad. It was awesome. Haha.

Lily's soccer coach is due with her 4th child on Oct 20.
She scored 3 goals, and this was after one of them. Man she was happy with herself. They don't keep score. But Lawrence did. It was 7-1.

Lily and Alex. Cutie little soccer friends.


  1. She looks like a serious athlete! I think Soccer Mom is in your future :-)

  2. How adorable with Lawrence keeping secret track of the score and yelling out instructions. I remember my dad doing that stuff all through high school. CUTE! (I spent my soccer years doing cartwheels and picking grass, so.... looks like you have a pretty serious athlete on your hands from her look of intensity in these shots)