Friday, August 6, 2010

Julia has arrived

Julia, our new German AuPair, arrived last night around midnight. Right now, she and Sabine are downstairs and the girls are laughing and having fun with her. I can hear giggling and laughing, and the occasional shriek of Addie or Lily saying, "JULIA!!!" Bryson is napping and they are waiting for him to wake up to go to the zoo.

Thanks for all the kind words yesterday. Sometimes I just stress out, feel overwhelmed to a point of being incapable of accomplishing much.

I felt very at ease as soon as I met Julia, she is kind and sweet and very enjoyable to be around. The kids were drawn to her immediately, though they are still doing that weird, roll around on the ground/act kind of crazy to show off thing in front of her.

Sabine moved all her stuff to the play room and we marvel at the HUGE mountain of stuff that a girl can aquire in just one year, as she wonders how in the world she will fit it in to her two suitcases. And the rules have changed. Julia was only allowed to bring one suitcase! Julia loved her new room and the girls made her a welcome sign plus Lily made some cool little butterflies to hang around. I ordered prints of a bunch of pictures of her friends and family that she had sent and hung them on her bulletin board.

Anyway, after a nice drive home from the airport and chat, and a glass of water, we both collapsed into bed after 1am. Bryson woke at 5, I fed him and Lawrence got up with him. THANKFULLY. So I got to sleep in until 7:30 after that.


2 parties and 2 goodbyes ahead. I can do this! But first, some coffee...


  1. Welcome Julia! What a great idea to put pictures of her friends and family in her bedroom for her. What a blessing to hear laughter and giggles. May you be 'held' this weekend as you give so much of yourself to so many. You are a gem! :DL

  2. Hope you survived (and are still surviving) the weekend, Jenny.
    The whole extended Blanchet family sent their love from Red Bridge campground. It just wasn't the same without you and Lawrence, but it had its own positive dynamics. Next year!!
    Wish I could have been there to help but lack of people wasn't exactly your problem. Love, love, love you!
    Will Snapfish within next couple of days.