Friday, July 30, 2010

The words she says

Lily says all of her words correctly. And she should. She's almost 6 and she's been talking in complete sentences since she was about 18 months old. Gasp. OMG SHE'S ALMOST SIX!!!??? But there are a few words that she still mispronounces and we smile at each other because we kind of love it. As we lose the words one by one, we are sad. There's no more Hamumer (Hamburger), or Blana (Banana), or ChoCho (Cheerios), or KeyCause (Because), and those were some of our favorites that were lost long ago. But there are these...

Cornter - Corner
Asposed -Supposed
Inversible -Reversible
Telicious - Delicious
Tisgusting - Disgusting
Venoculars - Binoculars
Tis Morning/Tis Afternoon

There are a few more I think, that I can't think of, and we still have Addie and Bryson, who will keep misspeaking their cute speak, but in the meantime, my biggest baby, our first baby, doesn't have such cute speak anymore, there's just a trace where it used to be, instead she's replaced it with cute understandings of the world, meaningful understandings that make some sense and are based on some knowledge. She is becoming who she will become. And that's pretty incredible too.


  1. I love her mis-words. I too miss K's mispronunciations. We still have chicken nugglets and extercise, though. Our oldest girls are getting so big... almost 6 already? I can hardly believe it. :)

  2. how cute. sometimes i love mispronounced words. My girl is 3 so we still get them here and there.

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