Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lily on Moses and the Pyramids

On the way home from church today (the girls learned about God parting the Red Sea for Moses to lead the Israelites to cross it on dry land) Lily had a lot to say.

Lily: Mom some of the kids thought that the red sea was red because it was blood. But that was from a different Moses story when God turned the rivers to blood for Passover.

Lily: Grandma Carol told me that the Jews built the pyramids to be closer to God
Me: Hmmm, that doesn't sound quite right...
L: That's what Grandma Carol said
Me: Well, I actually don't know if that's true or not, I really am not sure
L: Well, there is only ONE way to find out
Me: Ask Grandma?
L: Look it up on the INTERNET!


  1. Dear Lily, ACTUALLY, the Pharoh forced the Jews, who were slaves, to build the pyramid as a monument for him. The higher the monument, the closer to God he would be. Many people at that time believed the higher up you were, the closer to God you were.
    Love you, love you and can't wait to see you soon. Those were good hugs on Skype on Sunday.
    Love, Grandma Carol

  2. Daddy explained it all to her. My favorite is that she thinks "the internet" holds all the answers, I guess we've instilled that in our children now. Yikes. Man that girl can retain information! :) They also enjoyed Skyping with you or "Kiping" as Addie calls it.

  3. The Internet does hold all the answers. Sort of. I found a set of encyclopedias (free!) on Craigslist, and I'm teaching Stuart how to use them. Not only can you find stuff out with them, but they make great roads and ramps for Hot Wheels cars.