Sunday, May 2, 2010

Run Earth Day Run

While I was at my conference last weekend, yes, I still haven't blogged about that either, Lawrence, Sabine, and the girls did an "Earth Day Race". Lily's (and Sabine's) was a 1K, while Addie's was a kids dash. As you can see below, Addie nearly got trampled. They both had so much fun but were slightly upset that the medals which were proudly advertised didn't get shipped in time for the race.

When mommy is away, daddy never fails to disappoint, I'm only sorry I missed it!

I did get a text from my friend Carrie on Saturday morning and it made my day. It said, "Driving through Tigard and saw sweet Addie running her heart out! Cutest thing ever. Lawrence was filming his butt off. Thought you'd want to know. Hope you are having a great time."

What an awesome message to get when away from my family for the weekend. My favorite part was that he was FILMING so I would get to see it!

You can too, click below...



They just posted the pictures on line of the race. Click on the link below then choose "kids" on the drop down that says "all categories". Then hit "Refresh". You can see Lily in fucsia on the bottom of the first page and Addie in black with yellow hood a few pages later. You can see Sabine and Lily on page two with her dark gray GAP hoodie, running with Lily! :)

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  1. There was an error commenting on the entry above.

    I had to tell you though- we've always called them boobs. Jillian calls them boobs, and until someone laughed when she said that, I honestly thought it was not that weird.

    "Mommy- Liv is drinking special Mommy milk out of your boobs!"

    Yes, yes she is.

    One time I was getting out of the shower in a hotel room, trying to get ready for a wedding. I was trying to get her dressed while I was, em, topless. She turns to me with both her little hands in perfect "HONK HONK" position squeezes me and says, "Wow, nice boobs Mommy!"

    lol. Thanks Jill.