Friday, April 23, 2010

Good Stuff

Thanks to everyone who was so sweet and understand after my bad morning. Thanks to a great call from a friend who called to catch up after way too much time, thanks to gchat and some good chatting and venting about how much it sucks sometimes, thanks for the comments, thanks for reminding me to look inside and see what I know.

This weekend I'm going to the beach for a Woman's retreat. I'm really looking forward to it. The topic is Ashes to Beauty and it will be several women talking about things (tragedy, horror, pain, and troubles I'm assuming) that brought them to their knees and how these circumstances changed their lives and made them more beautiful people. That's what I think it will be. I'm thinking the weekend holds some heavy deep stuff, and a lot of good stuff. I'm looking forward to learning something about myself and about God's goodness in areas that I'm not expecting. I'm looking forward to connecting with some women and having some time with my baby.

I'm gonna miss these three though...
I'm trying not to go to my guilty place of knowing that they need me, that the girls need my time and love and attention, and instead I'm concentrating on whats in store for me and my heart this weekend. I'm looking forward to me and my baby. Just the two of us. And 100 other women.

Lawrence has an Earth Day race on tap for the girls. A fun run for Addie and a 1K for Lily. This will be Lily's 3rd race and Addie's first. They are so excited they are barely worried about me being gone.

As I look at the snoring man next to me, I can't help but being amazed at the incredible person and father he is. He is! And he really keeps getting better. And I freak out, and he stays calm and figures stuff out. He does it all with the girls, and even with Bryson. And with me. I married the right one. Even in my annoyed rage over something silly, he tells me to take it out on him, that he really doesn't mind. I'm so thankful to go away this weekend without a worry in the world of his unconditional love and competence, that the girls will have a fun and relaxing weekend doing lots of good stuff and likely eating lots of good stuff, and I don't have to worry a bit. Thanks babe, I love you, sorry I'll turn off the light now!!

Man, my life, it is good stuff...

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