Sunday, April 11, 2010

The best picture I've taken all day

Our friends Matt and Allison got us these adorable shirts when Bryson was born. They say, "I'm the Big Sister Lily" "I'm the Big Sister Addie" "I'm the Little Brother Bryson". Since Bryson's new nickname given to him by his dad is THE BIG LOAD, we decided we better get a picture of them all in their shirts today, before he out grows it...

If I ever get the perfect picture of all three of my kids smiling and looking, I will cherish it for all the days of my life! (That or I might accidentally hit delete, because isn't that just the way it goes?). You will know if I ever get this picture because it will likely be my facebook profile, all over the walls of my house, I'll have coffee mugs made out of it, and it will be on a Holiday card + many Holiday gifts. It was hard with two. It's impossible with 3! Lately I've really loved to see the chaos in my daily pictures, laughing at the emotions I can see on their little-non-perfectly-smiling-and-looking-faces. This is them. This is real.

Addie is showing Bryson which way to look at mommy's camera here (as she turns his head against his will)
This might be the best one, who was to my left getting everyone's attention. Bean-Bean is that you???
This is what I like to call, Addie's "rough" face. If she comes at you with that face you don't know if she is going to hug you or head butt you. She ALWAYS makes that face to Bryson. She even says his name all crazy and squeeky. "BWWYYYYYSON"
Lily is so sweet and compliant, but after several shots her sweet smile turns to a deer in headlights with lockjaw. Poor Bryson's head is getting too heavy for him to hold!

Sigh. I love them. And their inability to look and smile at the same time.


  1. I love them too (and you), they're perfect!

  2. Those are perfect pictures! I love those shirts.

  3. We have those shirts too!!!!! cute, cute...

  4. Hiliarious!! And I too know all too well about trying to get that 'perfect' picture and am convinced it doesn't exist!! I am chasing a dream ;) But same for me if I get it....expect to see it everywhere! FB, Twitter, Email, Holiday cards! You name will be on it!

    Those shirts are adorable and so are the kids ;)