Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dear Legos

One of Lawrence's favorite things to do with the kids is Legos. Always has been, probably always will be. We even bought a tub of Legos when we lived in a one bedroom apartment with no children. This is the tub of legos you'll see 25% of the time spilled out on our carpet. Lily can build more things than I can and Addie's well on her way.
So you can imagine how excited he was to intoduce Bryson to some of the Herman family Daddy fun.
Dear Legos,
If you are looking for a new poster child, I've got him right here. If you could get over the whole, you know, choking hazard, then we'd be happy to make a deal with you. Because it doesn't get much cuter. And as a disclaimer, even though this baby looks massive, he is only 3 months old and can't yet get the legos into his mouth.
Thanks, it's a deal then, yes?

Daddy made a lego version of Bryson in this outfit, and the girls COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE THRILLED about it. It is pretty funny.
Addie with Lego Bryson
Something is wrong with you if you don't want to eat these toes. Okay, maybe not really, but how could you not?
This is Lily, Bryson, and Lego Bryson, I mean really, could she look more thrilled to be holding both of them? She had to wait three days for this picture because he spit up on this outfit and I had him in his PJs before the Lego Bryson was finished. Every day she was asking if it was washed and if we could get that picture of the three of them together. Obviously it was well worth the wait!


  1. Jen, That is so funny! I love the matching leggo guy outfit! My brother in law saved up an outdoor sized garbage can full of leggos for 6 years before his kids came along, but don't tell your husband that.

  2. Legos are a lot of fun. I love the pics! Good job, Daddy!

  3. I laughed out loud! That is so funny!