Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The way it is

Thank you all for your advice about milk replacements, etc.

I, too, am not a fan of soy...esp for Addie as I know there are a lot of potential side effects related to it. However we do use it, and small doses for replacements in meals are okay if you don't taste it. Today Vanilla Rice Milk in my coffee with 2 sugars was good enough.

I tried to make hard boiled eggs the other night, let the water boil all the way out, exploding one of four eggs and ruining the pan. Nice. I'm telling you, I don't have the capacity to multitask right now which is not convenient as the mother of 3 children trying to learn to feed herself in a new way!

I got the insurance papers sent out to add B to my insurance, I only had 7 days left, and you shoulda seen it, lots of cross offs and scribbles. I might have listed him as my spouse, I'm just not sure. But it is in the mail, so hopefully my office manager let's me know if there are any probs, or just fixes them for me.

I don't yet know when I'll go back to work. 12 weeks. But I have some extra days in there for vacation / holidays. I haven't figured it out because I don't want to know. The idea of it sounds unbearable and impossible, in every single way right now. So when you ask, when do you go back, my answer? I have no idea. (meaning I haven't figured it out, not meaning there is a possibility that I won't go)

I SHOWERED LAST NIGHT! ALONE! Unfortunately I also went to bed with wet hair, so today I look 10x worse than I did yesterday, when I was unshowered for a few days...

I did "circle time" today with my girls, we sang some songs and read a few books while Bryson napped. Lily played the guitar and made up way too loud songs for us all to listen to. Despite my awesome do, I felt like a great mom for a few minutes, because I had so much fun doing it with them. It is so much harder than I imagined to find quality time with them and they are both so whiney around me because of it and it becomes a vicious cycle. But today, I broke it for a little while and that felt good. And of course neither of them whined a lick, nope, uh-uh. Not my angels.

Bryson's tummy felt softer today and he had a lot more alert happy time. He also has had his share of fussing, but he certainly isn't acting in pain like he had been for the past 4 nights. Last night he also fussed loudly for quite a while but not the inconsolable crying we were dealing with a few days ago, so I think we are on the right track.

He has a diaper rash, and it was recommended to me to put Monistat (or any vaginal yeast infection medication on it), then my super duper Arbonne diaper cream over the top. HA. Lawrence is gonna LOVE this...

According to my lactation consultant, the anti-yeast, jock itch stuff doesn't not work nearly as well at clearing it up in a day or two. While I'm not surprised that women got the med right, I'm not sure that Lawrence wouldn't prefer the jock stuff. Lucky for Bryson, mama's in charge... :)

I have 45 minutes for a nap. Maybe. I think B is due to eat again around 4...and I typed half of this one handed as I bounced him swaddled in the other arm. So no judgement on the grammar or the capitalizations.

Good new is, my blog puts him to sleep. Awesome.

Got the prof pics back from my photographer. Now, I'm still going through and choosing my faves for the baby announcement before I post any online, but this one made me laugh my head off. Addie DID NOT want to get her picture taken with Bryson and this is the best we could do. HOW FUNNY! She looks so tough, and the combo with naked sleeping baby just cracks me up. Can't leave Lily out, she did awesome and looked GORGEOUS, couldn't have loved getting pics with her brother more...I'll leave you with that, and leave myself with approx 42 min and counting!


  1. The pictures are gorgeous Jenny!!! *sigh, I just LOVE baby butts, they are soooo precious. Glad to hear Bryson is doing a bit better, maybe the antimilk thing is going to be right for him. I'm a bit surprised to hear you are thinking about only being off twelve weeks, do you have maternity leave in the States? I was given a year off with Lorelei plus sick time while on bedrest and the same with the twins. I couldn't imagine leaving my baby so soon to go back to work. Hugs

  2. I get six weeks paid and can take up to sixteen weeks. I took sixteen weeks for my previous two kids. Twelve happens to be what we can afford. Sort of.