Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Foreskin update

All went pretty well and pretty uneventful today. The doctor was very nice and very confident and explained everything in detail and we felt good about his bedside manner. It took about 25 minutes, he said Bryson's penis looked totally normal and that there wasn't a lot of foreskin. Anyway, I said in the exam room and Lawrence, doc, and Bryson went to the procedure room. I spent my time texting with a couple of friends and passing the time. Thank goodness for that. I was in knots. When they came back Bryson was breathing as though he'd been screaming his head off. I tried to get him to nurse and he did a little, but fell asleep. Lawrence had to go back to work. I cuddled him for a while and then put him in the car seat. He was not happy with that, but fell back asleep pretty quickly.

Then I braved the mall for one last traditional personalized gift that I couldn't get beforehand because I needed to know if Bryson would be here or not to finish it. Then I went to Walgreens for vaseline and gauze. His pee pee looks red and small but...he'll be okay, just have to be very careful about changing him and keeping the vaseline and gauze on for the next few days. Bryson slept the whole day almost. I'm so exhausted. I didn't have a stroller as the mall trip was a little impromptu and I didn't realize it until I got there, and already found a great parking spot. So I carried him, in the car seat. I think I overdid it but I couldn't not have this family gift. Everyone is downstairs hangining stockings and I am resting and writing this. It might be a long night, or not, it's hard to say.

Thank you for my texting friends, and thanks for all the advice! I feel a little overdramatic. But that's how I feel! Sigh, it's over, done, and it seems like I'm the only one left with some trauma! I guess that's a mama's job...


  1. Not overly dramatic at all. Bryson's little penis is an important part of your boy's future. I can understand the anxiety about it completely, afterall, it is a surgical procedure. Keep an eye on his diaper and remember to take his temperature every few hours. Call me overdramatic or paranoid but it's better to be safe than sorry. I bet you are completely relieved it's done. As for running through the mall with baby in the carseat Jenny, go easy hon, you just gave birth. Glad you got what you wanted for the gift though, some things are worth the extra effort. I'll email you later if I get our gifts wrapped tonight...I'm such a procrastinator. LOL. Hugs

  2. What a day! Even though I was only part of the texting, and 6 hours away, I worried for Bryson and for you. Bryson will be fine. Your description of your day and of the Jewish Rite of Passage was very moving.
    The video was great. I watched it 4X and will probably watch it again. But then, I'm his Grandma! Keep the pics and videos coming.

    You write about what makes you smile--a loving husband makes me smile when I'm not hollering at him for something he forgot to do, 6 healthy, beautiful grandchildren and their loving, caring parents make me smile, our many wonderful friends make me smile, and your Blog makes me smile, and cry. It's spans the 3000 miles and keeps me up to date on all the Herman happenings. I look forward to it each day.
    We love you and can't wait to see you all in January.
    Have a very Merry Christmas.
    Love and kisses.

  3. He is just going to LOVE these posts when he's older :)

  4. I agree..not overdramatic at all! I remember when the twins were born and it was time for Jacob's circumcision :( I was clutching him and sobbing my eyes out. I felt like I was leading him to the slaughter. It was awful. I made my husband go since he really wanted him to have it. I could not stand by and watch. I hope he is doing better now!

    Big hugs to all!