Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ears and Migrains and Coughing, oh my

For the past several nights, Addie has been up many times each night. Monday and Tuesday I worked WAY too late, trying to finish deadlines that have passed, Addie stayed in bed. Wednesday and Thursday I didn't put her to bed due to "me time" outside of the house...and those nights, she'd come into my bed 3 times or so, then finally stay in her own around 3am. I felt guilty about not putting her to bed and for taking some time to myself (because that's what working moms do, or at least this one) so I snuggled with her for a while before sending her back to her own room. My kids aren't good sleepers in our bed, so we've never really let this become a habit, since it doesn't help anyone get more rest.

Thursday she developed a bad cough and I was up the whole night with her, I slept 3-6am. I was really dragging and had decided to take a nap during my "lunch hour" working from home. But my great napper didn't nap either, she was coughing and not feeling good, so I laid her in my bed while I laid down, but I'm not very comfortable right now, so having to lay absolutely still to help her sleep, isn't a great way for me to get rest. By the time Lawrence got home on Friday, I went to bed at 5:30 and skipped dinner. Guiltily, I got up at 7 for bed time. Lawr got up with her that night and let me sleep in until 9. Yesterday, I was a new woman!

Last (Saturday) night we stayed up late talking and hanging out and Addie was up every 30 minutes the whole night. Lawr got up until about 2am and then she said her ear hurt and I started going to her, until 4ish when she finally slept on Lawrence restlessly until 6.

She slept with us a bunch of the night, and today called the weekend hrs office of the ped to get her in at once. I can't believe it didn't occur to me that she had an ear infection, she's had a fever and a cold/cough for 4 days! What am I new at this? With Lily that was my first assumption, but Addie has only had a few ear infections, and with the fever/cough, I feared swine flu and ear infection never even crossed my mind. Even when we went out for a walk in the neighborhood last night to look at lights, and I told them not to take their hats off or they could get an ear infection (lie lie). Didn't occur to me that Addie already had one.

This morning Lily and I went to church and Lawr and Addie went to the ped and to pick up her new toddler bed from my friend Sharon. Addie napped about 4 hrs today total.

As soon as I got her down for her nap I felt a migraine coming on. First one in six years. Six years to the DAY actually. I remember, because it is my friend Dawn's 6 year wedding anniversary! Migraines and me are a whole other story, but I used to get them a lot and they are bad and I'm not functional for a few days.

Anyway, just like a miracle 6 years ago, this one went away before it got unbearable. I laid down and took Tylenol immediately. I had plans, big plans for the day, but my migraine didn't care about my wanting to nest or finish a work project.

I had a whole blog written in my mind about today's message at church. It was about Mary, and about God changing our plans, about how we just have to go with it, and it was a good one. God sure changed Mary's plans alright. So I had to laugh, a little, about the migraine (God) changing my plans - including not being able to write that blog, haha. I wonder if He thought THIS IS WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO GET YOU TO LAY DOWN IN THE PITCH BLACK AND REST, then SO BE IT! Hopefully I'll get to the blog one day.

Then when I woke up from my 3 hr nap, we went to Ceramic Cafe and made some holiday gifts. And Sabine came home from the beach after having a BLAST with 5 other au pair friends. We are always so happy when she has a good time.

Happy Anniversary, Dawn and Lucas.
Thank you, Nancy, for the new blog header.
Sharon, thank you so much for giving us the toddler bed you no longer needed, it looks AWESOME in their room, and saved us big time. What a beautiful little big girl (boy) bed! :) Crib is now up in Bryson's room and the nursery looks like a nursery again!

I got HOLIDAY CARDS MAILED!!!!! On Dec 5!!! They won't go out til tomorrow, because it was after 3pm, but still! :) Lily labeled and addressed them ALL, she's a massive helper during "quiet time"!

Oh, I have some good blogs brewing...but for now I had to write about the woes of little sleep and sick kids. Lily sounded croupey tonight before bedtime, Addie is on antibiotics and Tylenol, and my head hurts a little but I didn't throw up.

Wishing for more than 30 minutes of consecutive sleep tonight...sweet dreams...

(PS this was going to be a one paragraph blog...short and sweet + Jenny = nonexistent!)

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  1. Oh my...I have done that more than once! Not figuring out it was an ear infection. Seriously, we should be pros at this mothering stuff by now ;)

    Sorry to hear that you have had a few rough nights and a migraine, but I am happy that if forced you to rest :D

    Take care and hope you get some sleep!