Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Don't mind if I do...

So... I think I'm gonna win a new computer, thanks to MckMama! :) Don't mind if I is the link...


And to those of you on the edge of your seats, saying Jenny, you can't post a blog about a computer giveaway and then no pregnancy update. But there is no pregnancy update. Contracting, uncomfortable, and that's about it. Kick kick kick, his limbs coming out of my body while my skin stretches to the max trying to contain it all.

I did a lot of plate unloading at work today which felt good. This may be my last week going into the office, might try to work from home until the big day comes. I haven't told anyone that yet, but that is my plan. We'll see. Employee reviews done. CHECK. Why does it always make me feel so nervous? Like I'm the one getting the review!

Addie was up every half an hour last night and I felt like I wanted to die this morning. SO. TIRED. There wasn't enough coffee in the world, and believe me, I know, I tried. Yep. Hey, I have a fully cooked baby in there, don't judge me!

You know, 5 minutes before the baby arrives does not seem like the right time to have Addie start sleeping in our bed for the first time in her 2.5 year old life. Or waking every 30. She cried and cried from dinner time on. I have no idea what is up, she's usually so good at saying why she is upset, but she was acting like her feelings were hurt. In the middle of the night. Did I mention every 30 minutes?

It was freezing in their room, I wonder if that's it. Space heater tonight.

I felt kinda mad at her this morning because I was so tired. Then I felt guilty about feeling mad. Then she said, "Mama pweeese no you go to woe-rk". Then I felt guilty about that too. If I could make a living feeling guilty...
Wait. Is that a country song?
Then I cuddled her and let her day old pony tail with no holder tickle my nose and wished we could hug and take a nap together, and then I strapped her into her freezing car seat so they could take me to my coworkers house for a ride downtown.

Brrrrr it's cold here. COLD for Portland, no snow, rain starts on Sat when it warms up. I kind of wish for snow. But then I wouldn't be as successful at the plate unloading, so maybe this is good. Hopefully only a few more days, and hopefully a full night of sleep tonight.

And HOPEFULLY I win this computer!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Which is really what I showed up here for in the first place! Three entries. YAY!

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