Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Tree for this Christmas

On Saturday we got out Christmas tree. Like for this Christmas. You know the Christmas Eve that we will be having a baby. Time is such a bizarre thing right now. It feels like it is racing along and standing still all at once. 23 days seems like an unbearable amount of time to be pregnant, but at the same time we are already getting our tree for the "Christmas Eve when Bryson is due".

I've never been one to get stuff done the weekend after Thanksgiving for Christmas. I'm not much of a Black Friday-er, though I like to go to Michael's or the local scrapbooking store and take advantage of a few coupons. I don't shop or decorate in advance, though this year we've already got our tree and seen Santa, and I have most of the gifts for the kids and it is only Dec 1.

Work has really been kicking my butt. My deadlines for Nov 30 went only 1/3 successful even though I stayed up until nearly 2am trying to finish everything. My boss didn't say if it was okay one way or the other, but it has to be. It's not done yet. I can only do what I can do and my bandwidth on my brain isn't all there. I just took a half hour nap and now am revving up my mind for another go round with the excel schedule that I actually dreamed about last night! Yikes!

Me and Sabine next to our tree. Notice the maternity vest no longer covering the enormous belly. I don't love this picture of my belly sticking out and swollen face, but it's part of who I am right now and it feels dishonest not to post! :) The doctor even commented on my face, she double checked my blood pressure because of how puffy I looked yesterday You can't tell from this picture but we are at the top of a huge hill at Sleigh Bells in Sherwood. So the fact that I made it up there was a feat in and of itself!

Sabine giving it a try to saw down the tree. Lawrence will finish up that job...not with out some BIG helpers
Addie finding Addie sized trees...she said she wanted to get one that was just taller than her, because daddy said he would get one just taller than him.

Sabine decided to let Lawrence saw the tree and have a photo op with the girlies instead.

After this we saw Santa and decorated the tree, and made a very fun and special US / German tradition. Will share that later when my eyelids will cooperate. Back to fixing the June elimination entry...riveting! When this is all done, I can relax and take the rest of the month day by day...just as I need to.

And for those not subscribed to the pregnancy blog...(please email me at jennyherman@comcast.net if you want to be). As of yesterday's appt - 1.5cm, 50%. Through the rest of the month I'll update there with the gory details and give snipits here as well...

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  1. 1.5cm, 50%

    Wow, are you having (useful) contractions? Should I be prepared to drive you to the hospital tonight, just in case?