Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I'll admit that I'm becoming somewhat of a blogaholic. I don't watch much reality TV, but reading mommy bloggers and their stories is so captivating for me. There are a few non mommy bloggers that I read too, especially my good friends, my interesting friends, and a few people I love.

My good friend Jenn writes a blog with the best title around: "And then I was like..."
One of my favorite of her regular blogs is her "Little things" where she simply writes a list of things, inside jokes, personal moments to remind her of the goodness in her life. An extra special boost is when I've seen Jenn, and there is a little somethin' about ME on her little thing list. Love that! She also answers Sex in the City questions, writes about ridiculous skymall products, ponders her goals, writes letters she'll never send, and the list goes on. It's a great blog.

She's had a very busy life lately. She's finishing up her thesis for her masters of directing at U of Portland. She has an internship going at a hip theater downtown. She's in an elite ensemble. And she's on EVERYONE's list for the best of the best for anything Portland improv (or any city for that matter!)

I have written about Jenn before here, when I first saw something she directed and was blown away and proud to know her.

Anyway - the other day I see she has updated her blog and I'm excited to read on to find out what's new. She calls the new blog The Extra Mile Award. I can't wait to keep reading.

Imagine my surprise when I'm reading along and then she gives the award to ME! ME??????!!!!! Complete with a cute pic of my family. It felt so good, like such a gift.

From this gal, it's a true compliment. I'm touched, honored, and shocked. To been seen this way from someone I respect and admire so much is truly touching!


  1. I'm sure you deserve the award, Jenny! You put more effort into being a good Mom and a friend (and in keeping in touch with people) than just about anyone. I can even tell that from here.

    And we do need to get together sometime soon!

  2. Hi Jenny,

    I found your blog while looking thru posts on (I'm an aupair from Germany) and I truly love reading your stories! They are amazingly real and give me a lot to think about and reflect. I wish your family all the best.