Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Bday to me

I wrote about my 33rd bday a few days ago HERE. Everyone loved the tribute to my mom, especially her. It was nice to remember and reflect on the special person she is in my life. While she was here visiting over the weekend we really had a nice visit and I remembered to remember it all. Often in the busyness of the kids and getting stuff done around the house and taking advantage of the extra help, I don't take time to spend with her. But we crammed a lot into the weekend, including a quick shopping trip and lunch, just the two of us on Saturday during nap time. I hope my girls love me and share with me as much as I do my mom.

Lawrence made me an EXTREMELY yummy bday steak and mashed potato dinner and along with the kids he made an ice cream cake/pie that was also yummy, and as a family we ate and desserted and it was such a fun day all around. I loved this video of the kids singing because it is like Lily is singing and Addie is doing back up. Oh, my dolls!


  1. I feel the same way as you...hoping & wishing that I have a great relationship with my kids like I do with my mom. She truly is my best friend and I hope my kids say the same about me one day.

    Looks like you had a great b-day with a very yummy cake! Glad it was a good day for you!

    p.s. thank you for commenting on my blog. I don't mind at all! On the contrary! It's nice to hear someone's take on my random thoughts and you definitely helped me put perspective on my blog about 'being blessed'.

    So thank you!! and thanks for the good news about Sally! I hadn't heard yet and the tears started flowing as soon as I read the post about Angus.

    Take care, Jenn

  2. I love the way you share your life with me, and felt that way even when I received those 1 a.m. phone calls about how your word processor ate the term paper that was due the next day or about your broken heart.

    I also hope your daughters always share the ups and downs of their lives with you and are as great daughters as the one I have.

    Love you lots and lots,