Friday, October 2, 2009

Whooshie Cushie

You might remember from THIS post the funniest part of our trip to NJ.

But I won't make you re-read to the end where this story was:

With a bunch off tickets of the NJ boardwalk I picked a prize of a whoopie cushion for Lily. Because, why not, they are funny and I wanted to see what my kids would do with it. First off, Lily called it a whooshie cushie. Secondly, after Lawrence blew it up for her and told her to squeeze it, she did and then said "It makes an elephant noise". Then things like "What do you think the elephants at the zoo would do if I brought my whooshie cushie to the zoo?" She laughed her head off each time and then thought it was still an elephant noise. We laughed so hard. On the plane ride home, I had it in my purse folded up. I mouthed across the aisle and 2 strangers to Lawrence, "We have only been on this plane for 4 hrs, and that means 2.5hrs left, do you want the whooshie cushie for Lily?" For some reason both of us thought that was so funny that we laughed and laughed and laughed until tears rolled down our faces.

Now here we are present day:

Lily went on, imagining that this was an elephant noise maker for the last few weeks...until the other day. Lily sat on the blown up whoosie cushie and Addie yells "TOOT!!" and we all laugh. It was funny. And then she did it again and Addie again, yells " TOOT TOOT". Lily laughed so hard I thought might hurt herself, and I laughed too at the next few outputs of the whooshie cushie. Vulgar at it is, it is funny. A 2 year old knows it and a 4 year old knows it, and I know it. (do I have to say that my husband knows it, doesn't that go without saying for a male) And what hadn't occured to Lily was suddenly SO obviously to Addie! That sound is a TOOT! of course it sounds like a TOOT!

I wonder how much more pleasure this prize will give us. I guarantee you that mug L wanted to get me NEVER would have provided this much entertainment. Video coming soon.

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  1. That is the funniest story! And I love inside parent jokes when you laugh so hard you cry. You'll be glad you wrote down this story in the years to come I'm sure. Priceless! Thanks for sharing. LOL!