Saturday, October 31, 2009

Two Butterflies enjoying Halloween

Even though I'm quite behind on several blogs - and October has been an all time low for the number of blogs that I have written - and I'm considering doing another 7 blogs in 7 days to make sure I can catch up. I have really love being caught up on the blog. It gives me such a sense of satisfaction on my record keeping and sharing!

Anyway, I decided to start with today and be current!

Lawrence has been noticing that nights haven't been as restful for me. I've been waking up a lot having to pee, and I guess he's just noticed. So this morning he wanted to get me some rest. So sweet! We both got up with the girls at 6:30 but then at 10:30 or so he went to Jer's house to watch the Buckeye blowout and let the girls all play. I checked FaceBook, read blogs, read my book, then took a TWO hour nap...waking up BECAUSE I FELT LIKE IT!!! and not because "time was up". Then I went over to Jer's and organized photos on the laptop while Addie napped and Lily played with Lucy, and we all watched football.

This was another one of those really sweet moments when Lily is such a super big sis. Addie was trying to scoot her way in to the small little Princess couch, but kept falling off the edge. Lily told her that there wasn't really room for her, but Addie kept trying. So Lily asked Lucy if they could scooch over and let Addie come in the middle so she wouldn't fall off. Once she get in the middle she was SO happy. This was just a really cute one of three of the 4 girls.

It's finally time to Trick or Treat and they could not wait to get out there. They practiced all day!
Sabine's first Halloween. The girls thought she was a lady bug and we thought that was just perfect. She was headed out later to go dancing (hopefully) with her friends but didn't pass up the chance to fnd out what all the Trick or Treating was all about and walk around the block with us. She loved all the houses that were so decked out in our neighborhood. There were some REALLY crazy ones.

I had to take this picture because I have this same picture last year, right after Addie learned to walk and she was a ladybug!
Every house we went to, Addie had to stop after they threw the candy in, fish out the peice she just got and show mommy, daddy, AND bean-bean. It took forever, but it was so sweet. She kept picking peanut M&M's even though she is allergic to peanuts (and milk) but she liked that they were "LELLOW". Daddy was cool with that because peanut M&Ms and peanut butter anything are his favorite. Instead we decided to have Sabine send some of it to Germany to her little bro.
Our neighbor's house and the first house of T&Ting
Accross the street, had to get a family photo op. Can you even tell I'm pregnant or do I just look like a large lady in sweatpants. Whatever the case, I'm always happy when we think to get one of all four of us.

Last house, they couldn't WAIT to get home and hand out candy!
I ran ahead so they could trick or treat me. Which they loved.
They each got to eat two pieces, and savoured every bite.

Lily waiting for the doorbell to ring. How cute is this?
Lily instructing Addie how to do it. Oh how they loved giving out the candy and they took their responsibility VERY seriously! Lily would shut the door after handing the candy out piece by piece to big kids and be like, 'wow, that was a busy one'. 'only one kids said trick or treat, but they were saying it for the whole group, they like, filled up the whole porch'. She always gave only one piece per kid. Then Addie gave two handfuls to one girl and Lily thought that was just hilarious.

Lily wanted more kids to come and we let them stay up about 1.5 hrs past bedtime. She was worried that a lot of kids came to our house while we weren't here and she wished we'd left some candy outside for them. She felt bad that they weren't getting the candy we had for them. She helped me leave a note outside on the white board with an arrow to the bowl asking them to take one and not ring the door bell because "kids were sleeping". I won't tell her but the bowl was empty when I looked 5 minutes later with a bunch spilled on the ground. Oh well, candy is gone, and kids got it. Mission accomplished.

It really was an incredible, relaxing, and fun day. And we can't believe what great, sweet, kind, and generous kids we have. I don't think they got too much candy either. And that's a first. They got more than this at the parade for 4th of July! Time for bed.

Day 1 - I hope to keep it up for a few days until we are caught back up...

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