Thursday, October 15, 2009

A job!

For all of you out there who have been hoping and praying for us, we have good news. Prayers have been answered, Lawrence was offered a job yesterday! It was two months to the day since he was laid off from his old job, and almost a month since unemployment was cut it couldn't have come a moment too soon.

We are refreshed by what this means for us.

While the position isn't his dream position, right now having a job is a dream position. And it looks like this might be the company he will be with long term, and one he WANTS to be with long term. It is with a company that he temped for 6 years ago (see never burn your bridges and always do your best, because you just NEVER EVER know), and he saw them at a job fair 3 weeks ago. They remembered him and have talked with him a lot since then, they were thrilled that he was available, because they could really use him for the company's future plans...plans that could come to fruition in six months or so! For now they have offered him a labor position and he plans to take full advantage of the learning opportunity. The idea of not sitting behind a computer for a few months is also appealing to him, and he is a very hard worker, so manual labor is just fine with him.

Lawrence's persistence and attitude in all this has really shown me something about his character and his dedication to our family. Not that I didn't know it before, I DID! But he is a man of real character and I know this was an extreme trial for him. My prayers (and many of yours) were answered that we both had the strength to get through this with a positive attitude and as a happy family. Yes, I had the meltdowns about the no milk and sure he had a few off days too, but I'm so proud of him (and us) for how we handled it all. Our last two months were certainly not ruined by this.

Work is not usually fun, and times are hard, and we all wish we had more hours in the day and more money in the paycheck, but this has taught us that we will be grateful for our jobs, what they afford for our family, and what is really at stake when we look at not having them.

I work for a great company who has been so awesome over the past 7.5 years - allowing me now to be a mother and a manager. I think this shift, this stress, this turmoil, was just what we needed to allow change for Lawrence, to work for a company where he will find integrity and opportunity, and and all-around enjoyable atmosphere where he feels valued.

For that, I am grateful. He starts on Monday! Hooray!
Thanks again for all the love and support!


  1. Happy Birthday (late)to Lily first of all. I cant believe shes five already. wow.
    Congratulations to Lawrence for finding a job!! ya!
    Love your job and not taking it for granted is a great thing that can be forgoten, and somedays it is just hard to remember that.
    Happy for you guys and glad prays are answered.

  2. I'm so happy and relieved for you guys. I can't imagine the stress that has been lifted off of you both. Hopefully some of your good luck will rub off on us and Matt will be able to find something. We're still in the unemployed boat. Yuck. But hearing your good news makes me have more hope! Congrats!!!

  3. Congrats to you both! What a long stressful 2 months. You guys are an inspiration to me and my family! We love you!

  4. Hi Jenny,

    Congrats on your hubby getting a job. It is tough out there, so kudo's to him for persevering through it all! What a great sigh of relief you must be breathing!

    Also, wanted to say thanks for reading my blog and commenting on it! Now I know about yours and can follow you too ;)

    I hope his first day is going well so far!

    Best, Jenn