Sunday, September 13, 2009

7 blogs in 7 days - day 4 - The Dress

The dress

Yesterday was to be about 90 degrees in Portland and as I went to dress Addie, I found the dress and thought it might be her last chance to wear it. After all, it is September and who knows the next time a backless halter dress will be appropriate. My mom got this dress for Lily shortly after her second birthday in Mexico on our cruise. Since it was October, Lily only got to wear it one time, we came back to cold Portland and she'd outgrown it by the following summer. I was so happy to find it and put Addie in it yesterday. Just as her sister did 2 years ago, she got so many compliments about her beauty. She wore it yesterday to my company picnic (Lily and Lawrence went to Rachel's 5th bday party) and ran around with the other kids who were dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, she was way over dressed, but I didn't care, she did look gorgeous - and was happy to get a picture of her in this dress. Lily was about 2 months younger than Addie in these pictures, though you wouldn't know it. Addie got a compliment on her "pixie cut" yesterday. See you put her in some nice clothes and people think her hair is actually styled that way! :)

For all the reasons I'm so happy to have a boy in December, I'm sad that all the little girl clothes and comparisons will come to an end. There is something so special about having Addie wear Lily's clothes. It's better than a picture or a weight or height chart to remind me of the similarities and differences. It is like a walking memory, seeing an old favorite outfit run into the room. I simply love it. This dress more than most!

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  1. Addie is gorgeous in the dress! I'm so glad you found it in time, and you're right, it's fun to see Addie in Lily's old clothes. I'm glad you took photos.