Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Congrats to the Rose Family!!!

Sullivan Joseph Rose was born this morning at 1:49am. 8lbs 10oz; 20inches long; 14.5" head

Hopefully I can post a picture later today when Mark sends one out. I was honored to be asked to be there to help out with the kids for Robin's 3rd home water birth, though I'll admit slightly nervous to be present for my first home water birth. And in the end, there wasn't really much for me to do, but relax and chit chat a little with my friend and her midwives. The kids were so well behaved and other than blocking Quinn from ramming his mom with a trike a time or two, I felt a little useless. This must be what dads feel like during labor! :) Nothing you can do but offer support, unsure if the laboring mom wants it, and wait.

Robin first called me around 1pm but I didn't end up getting back to her until 3pm because I was busy training Sabine on her first day (which is all going very well by the way, more on that later). I got to their house around 5:15pm after getting everyone settled. I was afraid I might have missed it because at 3 she felt that things were really picking up.

I walked in to a very calm quiet home (who can say that for a family with 4 kids and a mom in labor!!) Music was playing, they had a pool set up in a privacy tent outside, with plants and Christmas lights. The midwives were relaxing on the couch and everyone spoke in a soft tone. Robin was walking around and would get down on all fours to labor a contraction and then would be back up, checking things such as whether the dog had it's medication or not. We all laughed at that. Her friend Kim was also there, to photograph and video the birth. My job was mostly to just help with anything needed and with the kids. So honestly there wasn't much for me to do. It was amazing to watch Robin and her peaceful labor, which was obviously painful. I have never seen anyone labor in person (except for myself or other girls in the maternity ward). Robin was really amazing, the way she was very internal with her contractions and working through them.

It was also our anniversary, so around 8pm when the kids were in bed and it appeared that Robin was in a bit of a holding pattern, water still not broke, I decided to sneak away for our anniversary. I met Lawrence for some dessert and good conversation, then called back to the house. Robin was resting and so were the midwives, and it was about 10pm. I decided to go home and get some sleep myself.

So I missed Sullivan coming into the world, but all the kids got to wake up and be there for it. Given the time he decided to make his appearance, I'm glad that I made the decision to sleep. Kim said it was amazing. He was Robin's biggest baby, also with the biggest head.

What an incredible mother she is. This is her 5th baby, and she is just so strong and kind and peaceful about the birthing experience. It is different from my own, but I admire it very much. And again, I feel honored that she would invite me to be in on even a few hours of such a personal intimate experience.

Welcome to the world Sullivan Joseph Rose, you are gonna love it! There is so so so much love waiting here for you. And God chose one of the best mommies I know for you!

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  1. I got to be there when a good friend of mine delivered her son, and it was so amazing. I love the magical moment where new person enters the world... It is like nothing else. Hoping for my own magical moment VERY soon! ;)