Thursday, July 2, 2009

Not so terrible TWO!

Today Addie is two years old. It has been a wonderful and fun day. Katy and I took the kids downtown on the MAX and I went to the office while they played in the fountain across the street, then we had a picnic lunch together. It was Katy's idea, and I was so happy to get to spend more of Addie's birthday with her even though I had to work.

Here are some of my favorite things that Addie says at 2 years old:

Oh Maaaaaan (When she drops something, breaks something, or gets messy)
I yuh you (I love you)
Ka-Ka (Katy)
Milk Me (I want milk)
Light Me (I'm in the bathroom and I want the light on)
Out Me (I want out of my carseat/booster/stroller)
Mint Me (I want a mint)

She has her favorite books before bedtime - Goodnight Sh'ma, Doggies, Pajama Time, Mommy hugs, Daddy Kisses, The Going to Bed Book

She has been potty training for a few months now. I would say she goes about 5 times a day, and she usually asks to go. She rarely asks to go anymore when she doesn't actually go. She still seems to like to poop in her diaper about 50% of the time. She says "I did it" and "Yay, Addie" when she goes. She also gets out to Lily "Lil Lil, I did it" because Lily always shows so much enthusiasm and excitement for her "Good job Addie". Lily made her a potty chart and she gets stickers to stick on a page when she is done going.

Addie speaks a lot, but compared to Lily she is much less verbal. I would say Lily could speak this well at 18 or 20 months. She was full sentences by now, and Addie is just starting to put more than 2 words together. As for potty training, Lily didn't show any interest until she was 26 months, so Addie is about 8 months ahead on that. It is interesting to compare and contrast, and we marvel at how much more like a baby we feel Addie is now than we felt like Lily was at this age. I think most of it is due to verbal and size. Addie is still small and as you can see in the pictures and videos, her hair is filling it but Lily had this much hair by 4 months old! :)

Sleep schedule 7-7 then 2-3 hrs of a nap at around noon. She's easy and flexible, and likes to go to sleep. She takes two "bear=bears" to bed with her, and sleeps with a princess blankie, a sleep sack, and some books. This is a new thing, she reads to her bears. Sometimes she says "no nigh nigh" but once you get in there she is always ready, and happy to get in her crib. About once every two or three weeks she has a bad night and is up half the night crying for no apparent reason. Then she is fine the next day, fine for another two or three weeks. It is slightly annoying, but since she is such a great sleeper and bedtime girl, I can hardly complain for a fight once every few weeks.

Favorite things : Elmo, Monkeys, and Mickey Mouse "Mick Mouse" (Minnie is Min Mouse")

Everything is Lello (Yellow) - She sort of knows her color but would prefer to call everything "lello". She got a fanta color game for her birthday which she likes and is quite good at, so at least I know she isn't color blind. Again, Lily knew her colors at 18 months, so I wasn't sure what was going on. Now I realize Addie just loves saying "Lello". :)

Addie love MANY random things like getting the mail, going outside, getting into the car, pretending driving (frisbee is usually a steering wheel).

Loves playing with cars and saying "Vroom vroom", she especially likes putting people in her cars and making them go, taking them in and out.

Says "shh" with a crazy back of the throat growl that sounds like she is choking on her own spit. I know what she is doing only because she puts her finger over her lips. This is when you are talking to another adult and she wants your attention. It's odd and funny.

Here are some pics of Addie on her FIRST BDAY:

And on the day she was born. She didn't cry, she just looked at me calmly. Oh, I was instantly in love again.

To see a bunch of pics from last years photo shoot and newborn pics of Addie, check out christina's blog: Click HERE

I can't put in to words the joy that Addie has added to my life and my heart. I never imagined I could love another the way I loved Lily and in many ways, I loved her more, because I was already such a competent mom and I was able to just relax and enjoy (and it helped that she was a much easier baby!).

Now, again, I can't imagine loving another as much as I love Lily and Addie, but that's just part of the miracle of motherhood, I know that I will, and I can't wait to be even more filled with love.


  1. Those are such beautiful pictures. How funny that our second children are only two weeks apart in age! Camille just turned 2 on the 21st. It is really fun to contrast the two kids. I can't believe Addie is potty training. Camille is no where near that! Way to go! Oh, and sorry about the ballet just be a little more sophisticated out there :o)

  2. Happy Birthday yesterday Addie! You are a beautiful baby!