Thursday, June 11, 2009

I know I know

Yes, my dear blog readers, I know that it has been weeks since I blogged. Yes, my dear friends, I know that I have not replied to personal emails. Everything is okay. I'm just drowning. I'm struggling to have enough time and energy for work and family and everything else has to wait in the wings. At work we are implementing new accounting software for which I am leading the project. I also had 3 vacation days scheduled between this week and last for a long scheduled friend to visit and for my mom to come and go to the coast with me and the girls. Addie isn't sleeping well. Taking days off from work, while very nice, has put me further behind and my staff both have vacation days this week and next too. The visit with Robin was fabulous, as was the coast. I'll blog about that all later. There is so much to do to get this project off the ground and every day flies by so quickly. I'm tired and I'm drained. I'm fine though, I promise.

I opened my personal email today for the first time since Monday and had 65 new messages, 584 unread messages. I have 6 voicemails on my cell phone unlistened to since the weekend. Work email is barely keeping it's head above water too.

So many thing are overwhelming me, but I'm doing okay, just a little tired. I'm asking that you cut me a little slack and just understand that while corresponding with my friends and writing blogs is something that is important to me, there just isn't any time for it right now. I mean really, none. The computer is not my friend, just a lingering stress waiting in the corner of my room for me. Do not send me an "are you mad at me?" email or text because it stresses me out and makes me want to cry at the same time. I don't have the time or energy to be mad at anyone. I'm just getting through each day.

I don't know when things will calm down or get better. I promise they will and I'll blog once more. I'll answer your email and I'll call you back on the phone.

Sorry for the venty blog, but as you can tell by my tone, I'm not feeling my cheery bloggity blog self and I just need the people who love me to stop putting extra pressure on me. I don't mean to sound all dramatic, like I have this tough life. I don't. I have a great great life, one I am so blessed with. I love my kids, husband, and job. I often can't imagine how I got a wonderful life this full. No one cares more about all this stuff than I do, but when searching for balance, the kids, Lawrence, and work come first. Right now, there just isn't anymore left.

Soon though. I promise.

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