Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beach with my Mom - Day 1

Double click on the picture to view it bigger, there are 17 pics for Day 1 and I needed to shrink it down. Making Sandcastles. Playing in the water.

There was no wind (so unusual for Cannon Beach, but we enjoyed it), it didn't stop us from having fun with the kite.

Me and my girls in front of Haystack Rock

Snack time
I love blurry pictures that give you a taste of the fun they are having. This is Lily showing Addie how to chase a Seagull.

Grandma and Lily got lots of special one on one time while Addie and I were taking a THREE HOUR NAP!
Seagull Tag.
Grandma BURIED me!
Seriously? Nice. Right?
Grams and Lils

On June 8&9 my mom and I loaded up the kids and headed to Cannon Beach for a night.
I had to break it into day one an day two or the amount of photos to go through was unmanageable. AGAIN thanks to my mom's fabulous picture taking! :)

We had a GREAT TIME! I was pretty worn out from a hectic week at work and some stress regarding the days off, but my mom found the PERFECT little beach house and she was so much help with the girls. I was not at my best to say the least. Just under 12 weeks pregnant, stressed out, away with out Lawrence, and oh so tired. I was crabby with her and crabby with the girls, and she just wants to do any and all for me even though I don't deserve her kindness half the time.

Thank you, Mom, for always being nice to me and there for me, even when I'm kind of being a shit to you. And even when there is no kind of about it! :)

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  1. I'm so jealous! This vacation looks like so much fun. As far as the dance etiquette...Eve's is pretty low-key so I'm not totally sure about things myself. However, her panties do hang out under her leotard. I haven't done tights and, quite honestly, we can't afford the shoes at this point. I think Walmart has some generic ones, though. Her teacher lets them go barefeet if they want, so that's nice. Best of luck!!