Friday, May 22, 2009

Nail Clipping at the Hermans

I don't believe a lot of words are necessary here. Lawrence Hog-tying Addie in order to clip her finger nails and toes.

Background: When Lawrence and I met, he told me that if I would say "sneakers" and "soda" vs "tennis shoes" and "pop" he would give me Christmas. (He's Jewish). Pretty good trade, I say.

Then when Lily was born her was completely skeeved by her belly button, and wanted to have nothing to do with it (including cutting the cord, tho our doc did convince him to do that). He was afraid he'd "mess it up".

Anyway, so my thing was cutting the little nails. I didn't want to do it and he said no prob, as long as I never have to touch a belly button clampy thingy. Well, I have had my fair share of nail clippings, but 4.5 years later, he's still fully responsible and the girls want him to do it.

After she squirmed and screamed, she wanted "mo mo mo" after he was all done. HEHE!

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