Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk

Last Saturday I organized a Breast Cancer Walk for my friend, Julie at work. This was the second year, and it went great. Lawrence's parents are visiting so they came too. The walk had almost doubled in size this year, great for the American Cancer Society, slow for the walkers, but we didn't mind. It was a wonderful Saturday morning to be out in the fresh air and sunshine supporting a friend who really needed it. Our team raised nearly $1000, and that was with the whole event sort of thrown together. Last year I did much more for our team and to encourage fund raising, this year it was so unorganized and everything was last minute.

However seeing my friend's face as she did the Survivor lap, again this year, after just finishing her lastest bout with chemo 2 weeks ago, was priceless. Moments like those make the blessings of your life wash over you. When it often seems hard to find time to do anything, it is a hearty reminder that doing a little can do a lot.

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  1. Oh Jenny. You bring me such inspiration. How you find the time in your crazy life to be such a great person, friend and advocate blows my mind. I feel so blessed to know you. You are a person that was put her by God to inspire and motivate, and to positively affect everyone around you.

    Luvs to you-C