Sunday, April 26, 2009

Retreat Recap

So what happened after "weee"? She did that for an hour and 15 minutes. And finally went to sleep without a complaint once. Total opposite of what Lily would have done. She woke up in time to play outside and spend a little time together before I left too! Sorry to keep you on the seat of your pants for that! :)

So the weekend, at the Meadow Springs Community Church Women's Retreat, at the coast, was AMAZING. I had a fabulous time. I met some wonderful women. Had great fellowship, something I have been starving for. It renewed my faith and I feel refreshed. I came home overflowing with love to share with my husband and my kids. I learned so much about my gifts and I came home a better wife and mommy. How great is our God!!!!!

I'm a little beat because I stayed up late, and I shared a room with my good friend Tanya and her 3 mth old baby. So I was a bit of her personal assistant (gladly), but the baby slept great, though didn't eat quite on cue as Tanya would have preferred, but did a great job overall for her first time to be out in the world for 3 days straight. I'm energized and drained all at the same time.

Lily had her Run for the Cheetah today. I will post some pictures and a post about that later. Maybe I will even ask my other "contributor" Lawrence to write it. Heh. How I love my husband for giving me the weekend away, and for doing such fun things with the girls and for doing it happily. And for being him.

PS Happy Birthday Grandpa Steve - of course we couldn't call since you are out of the country but we were thinking of you!

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  1. I am soo happy you enjoyed fellowship and "renewed" your faith. We all need that sometimes to boost us up! I can't wait to hear about what you learned about your individual gifts. Blog to come, I hope. We need to find a retreat to go to together! We could get away with it because we'd leave the guys and kids together for friendship fellowship! Love you!