Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Monkey PJs

For whatever reason, my daughters are absolutely obsessed with matching monkey pajamas. They don't have to be matching exactly but they have to both have monkeys on them. I put Grandma Carol on the hunt for these when she was here last in case she found a good deal while outlet shopping or TJmaxing it.
These PJs are seriously so cute, you can't even tell HOW cute by the pictures, but they both look adorable running around in them. Now they both have 2 sets of Monkeys that fit them and one pair of outgrown Curious Georges in the bin.
Addie requests monkeys each night, and when she gets them, she goes into Lily's drawer and finds hers and brings them out. Sometimes if she is dressed in other PJs and she runs across the Monkeys in a clean laundry pile, she will strip down and exchange. This all started with the Monkey PJs that little Ian gave Addie, and now it is a full blown epidemic!!!
After bathtime the other night, I had to stop Addie from giving Lily hers in the BATH! :) She woke up a little cold on Monday night so yesterday when I put a long sleeve onsie on her, she freaked, thinking that meant she wouldn't get to wear them! Geez.

Thank you so much Grandma Carol. They LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!

PS Happy 25th Birthday Uncle Matt! We love you too!
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  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Keilah had a wonderful day and thinks it is wonderful to be 4 now. Love you!