Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh Croup!

Got a text from Tamara at 3 today.
"Addie sounds a little croupy"

I called her to define a little croupy. She got up from her nap wheezing and Tamara's her daughter had croup every month for a year, she was familiar with the early signs. Me too, and not wanting tonight to be the worst night ever, I called immediately for an appointment from work. They got her in at 4:40 and I called Lawrence to take her.

He schlepped to the dr and the pharmacy, for not only croup steriods, but antibiotics for her ear infection, and 4 EpiPens while he was there.

Despite her wheezy self, she was in great spirits when I got home. She moved her little chair in front of the TV with a cracker I gave her after dinner. She pointed to the TV cabinet and said "Elmo".
No Elmo tonight.

But don't worry kid, you can watch lots and lots of Elmo tomorrow while we're sick and tired and mamas working.

Lawrence boasted that the girls had perfect behavior and patience while waiting at the dr and the drugstore. Croup, croup, go away!

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  1. I always have crash course catch-ups with you guys... the allergy stuff you talked about is/looks horrible. Ugh. I'm sorry.

    How's the croup? If it makes you feel any better at all, Jillian has pooped (multiple times per day) from her ankles to her hair. It is the grossest thing ever. Hooray stomach virus!