Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rise and Shine

This morning Addie points to Lily's almost closed door.

Me: Go on in, you can wake her

Addie: (blasts open the door) Hiiiiiy...Mooorming

This is what me and Lily do to Addie almost every morning so it was so cute to see Addie saying it in a sweet good morning voice. Lily really liked being woke up by her sister this way. Of course then Addie climbed up on Lily's bed, laid down on her pillow and proceeded to try and push her sister off the bed to make more room for her self while chanting "nigh nigh" and cuddling with Lily's special bear.

In other news, the chill is in the air but it isn't biting freezing like it usually is, and last night I got to the bus and it was still kind of light out! I drove to work this morning rather than taking the bus because I have a hair appt after work (see ya later 2 inch roots). I parked about a mile from the office because I was running a little early (I know can you believe it?), to save 6 bucks on parking, and to get some exercise. It was wonderful. The whole way, I walked along the gorgeous downtown Portland waterfront, giddy about the $7.25/day parking spot I'd just scored, the sky was pink and I could see Mt Hood and Mt St Helens faintly, and I thought about how glad I am that I can walk.

Most of you know that I broke my foot on the last day of August and couldn't walk or drive for 2 months. Most of you helped me through that in one way or another. The whole time I remember thinking that when I could walk again, I would never ever take if for granted. But of course I have, a little. It's hard not to when you walk every where all day, every day. When something is second nature, you take it for granted, like knowing how to type. Even looking back I don't know how I managed all that time, crawling up and around the upstairs, getting around downstairs in a wheelchair, being on crutches out and about.

But this morning, in the beauty and the hint of spring, I remembered.

Thank you, God, that I have two feet that work, and a body that can move me. For that I am grateful. Very very grateful. I hope that a day never comes when I don't remember to occasionally reflect on what a blessing it is to have a healthy body. Even one that is tired, and carrying a few extra pounds. It is something not to be taken for granted, because one small slip on one small stair can take it away when you least expect it!

Have a wonderful day and I hope you take a minute to be thankful for the blessings you might have taken for granted too!


  1. Very sweet Jenny. And thank you for the positive post, I needed to remember the little things today. We rec'd news of a very icky pay cut today (Sean works for the state) and thank god we both still have a job right now. And we can both walk...and we are healthy with two healthy kids. Thank god for all of that.

    Hugs, C

  2. Thanks for the wonderful reminder to count our blessings and be thankful! It makes me so made how quickly I start to take the everyday things for granted.