Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Out of the Past: Valentines Day

Since everyone loved this year's letters, I thought I would do an out of the past blog, last year we each got home made cards with poems on them from Lawrence.

Valentine's Day and you are hoping for some treats
As a big sister and daughter you are very sweet.
Always on the go with games, books, and crafts
You always shine and bring lots of laughs.
Beautiful brown hair and eyes dark as night
Having you in our family feels all right.

I love you so much!
Happy Valentine's Day

A first Valentine's Day poem from Daddy to you
Your beaming smile and eyes so blue.
Always happy and like to bounce
So much love you share ounce by ounce.
A beautiful addition to our family and home
With hardly any hair you needn't a comb.

I love you so much!
Happy Valentine's Day!

A Valentine's wish to a terrific mama and bride
I wouldn't want anyone else but you at my side.
As beautiful and bright as the day we met
But now we are much deeper in debt.
Blonde hair, blue eyes and always working on plan
With you we have the perfect clan.

I love you so much!
Happy Valentine's Day!
We BOTH bought each other Blokus for Vday. We returned one and I got a pregnancy book instead...I was 21 week pg with Addie

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