Saturday, February 14, 2009

1st timer's Valentine's Day blog

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am not one to share my thoughts, but for Valentine’s Day I am making an exception. This is my first blog. As is customary, I will write in rhyme.

For the three ladies that make me the luckiest, most happy, and most loved husband, father, and man in the world.

I love my wife. I love my kids. I love the life we share.

I love my wife.

My trip Boise was nothing but lucky.

Until then my life was just ducky.

I met a girl named Jenny

And I didn’t end up gettin’ any.

From then on my heart belonged to her

And our life is now a blur.

We’ve moved and married and are very happy

Two kids later we have seen way too much crap(py).

I love my kids.

Lily and Addie are the two I adore

In my heart I think there’s room for more.

Sharing time and playing toys

Lily told me she doesn’t like boys.

Smiling, cuddly and chatty

How can anyone not love Addie?

They play, they hug, they push and shove

They are my kids and I am so proud of.

I love the life we share.

Mom and Dad like to hang at the saloon

Hopefully McMenamins might have someone making animal balloons.

Lily and Addie like to climb, play, and craft

Mom and Dad will invite friends over for a draught.

So many things we do for fun

Legos, books, pancakes, Tinker Toys, Little People, hikes, skiing, summer concerts, the zoo, the Children’s Museum, football Saturday’s, vacations, parks, swings, slides, movie night, the library, biking, swimming, running, cooking, dancing, singing, chatting, listening, reading wait I’m almost done.

I am thankful we have time to share

On this Valentine’s Day, I hope to show my family how much I care.

My kids

I am not one of those people who complain about their childhood, mine was great, but seeing it through the eyes of my children is much better. I love seeing the wonder and amusement. I love when Lily puts some thoughts together and figures out something on her own. I love when Addie shows us that she knows what to do and when to do it. I love the excitement that matching monkey pajamas bring to them. I love showing the girls how to build with Legos and Tinker Toys then watching them attempt to do the same. I love practicing Cirque du Soleil with Lily and having Addie climb on, too. I love Lily’s creativity to make up games, projects, and songs. I love Addie’s dancing. I love to cook meals with Lily and can’t wait to have Addie earn a “work station” in the kitchen. I love that they like to play together and usually do it very well.


Day after day, year after year, time and time again you make me feel loved and cared for. To me you are loving, considerate, and affectionate. You are eager, determined, and optimistic. You are understanding, reliable, and interested. You are playful, spirited, and wonderful. You are my wife and for that I am grateful. You are the best wife. You are the best mother. You are my best friend. You are beautiful. All I can say is thank you, I love you.

Finally, I thought I’d include a song. I used to karaoke long ago before I met Jenny.

Happy Valentines Day.




  1. Lawrence-You are too sweet! And Jenny, how lucky you are to have someone so appreciative of you, your kids and the life you share. Love to you both this valentines day!

  2. This is the sweetest. Where do I order one of these poem writing husbands???