Monday, December 29, 2008

Zoo Lights

We went to the zoo lights at the Oregon Zoo with our friends the Roses on Sunday night. It was beautiful and cold and nice to get out of the house. Lawrence and I were not enjoying each others company after a silly disagreement earlier in the day. How it all melted away once we were breathing fresh air doing something fun with our friends. When we returned home, on the same page we realized that it was not the issue at hand that was eating us, it was being inside, together for so many straight days. (and for me, even longer...too long = too much thinking time).

Anyway, here are the zoo light pictures. It was incredible.

Addie stayed in the stroller most of the time, while Lily ran around. There was still a lot of dirty snow all around, and we wished we'd had them both wear their snow pants. Addie loved looking around, but felt left behind if Lily and I walked in front of the stroller pushed by dad rather than behind or next to it. They had monkeys swinging (in lights) on the tree and when Addie spotted them, she said "Mon-mon". It is her favorite animal so far, thanks to some jammies from Ian Kolmer and a mask that Lawrence picked up as a freebee somewhere (that just sadly got purged in the preHoliday clean up). And of course the 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed, you can't forget them.

Sometimes I can not believe these blue eyes! Oh and she has her first 2 pigtails under this hat, tho they looked more like antennas or horns! While I was french braiding Lily's hair she wanted her's done, she brings me the brush and her bald head and sits on the stool in front of is too sweet!

I've been compiling a list of Addie's words for 18 months. She does have a lot, I'll post them when I do an 18 month update for her. She was just cute and happy, and so was Lily. We really had a great time.

Lily's favorite was a giraffe that picked up a heart in it's mouth and put it on top of a tree. Though Lily has grown and matured so much, she still has a tendency to dart off through a crowd (and I worry) never to be seen again. As I keep a tight hold on Lily's wrist when necessary, I feel a bit jealous of other moms holding gently to their childrens hands (and the kids HOLDING hand back...or when Robin's FOUR children all stay right next to her without reminding). The wrist holding is a move that Lily is used to, that's how we "hold hands" usually, but we hadn't done it in a while as I realize that I haven't been out with her in a crowd in a long long time. She's also gotten a lot tamer and less curious. She didn't do anything crazy at the zoo, but she still has that never look back attitude when she sees something that facinates her. She goes for it. Or she does look back and keeps running, always slamming into whatever is in her path (usually with the ear or back of her head). I can't tell you how many times I hear Lawrence say "Look forward when you run/ride a bike/anything else you can imaging! You'll go the direction you look honey".

With all that said, no major incidence...just a lot of fun and great breath of fresh air in a very clausterphobic family!

You know what they say about too much of a good thing...

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