Monday, December 15, 2008

Today was a challenge

Lawrence did not get a snow day. His boss called to say he had to come in at 6:30am, he was an hour and a half late and has to make up the time. Sheesh. I worked from home. So did my staff, and there computer connection problems all day. The kids didn't get outside, though they really wanted to I just didn't get to it. I wrote a negative performance appraisal today that felt really yuckyl.
It looks like my nanny won't be coming all week and it is my busiest week of the year. But I also live on the steepest hill that doesn't get plowed or graveled. I wouldn't drive up it either.

But we made it through, with the help of an episode of Sesame Street, too many snacks and too much milk, and opening on Hannukkah present early. Thanks Gma and Gpa! The girls are now fans of Tinker Toys. They aren't wooden anymore, plastic, safer, Addie loved them too. What a great first Hanukkah present for her!

I feel like I'm coming down with a cold. Or something. I cannot stop sneezing. It is bizarre. I've sneeze at least a hundred thousand times today. I am grateful for a warm house and flexible job!
Here is a rather long video of the present opening.

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