Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow day

Today it snowed for the first time this year. It was Addie's first time getting to play in the snow since last year she spent any snow time in her sling under my jacket or cozied away in her baby bjorn covered in fleece.

We woke up this morning to nothing on the ground, but by 8:30am it was snowing and accumulating rather quickly. At around 9:30 I started getting the girls prepared to go out. Since Daddy was feeling a little under the weather due to a Widmer Brr induced...umm...tummy ache from the Christmas party last night. It took me forever to get the girls and me ready. I forgot how many moving parts there are to dress and keep warm.

Lily was so so so excited to have snow. Yesterday it snowed for about a minute and a half, so today she was worried it wouldn't stick around long enough to play. We went out in the back yard and were having a ball. Daddy heard laughing from us inside. Then Addie freaked out a bit when she got some snow on her between her glove and coat, it is a little painful and if it is a new sensation...well...let's just say I know what she'll do if she ever gets acid on her flesh! It was very confusing to her that she couldn't take off her gloves or "that" would happen to her again.

Then we went around to the front yard and our entire street was closed off and turned to a sledding hill. It was really fun for the girls. We got the sleds out and after ringing the door bell a few times, and Daddy emptying his belly, he was ready to sled with his girls. This was good b/c I was having a hard time not wearing my "special" shoes, and trying to manage snow, a bundled baby, and the hill on my lame foot.

We made snow angels and forts and ate snow and just had a really great time.

Our friends that live down the street invited us over for dinner, they had originally planned for dinner with other friends who couldn't make the trek across town. That was nice as I had just got the kitchen back in order after our busy day yesterday, and I didn't have anything good in the hopper for our dinner tonight.

Lily told me "Mama, Daddy said he's a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll". I don't know why, but in her squeaky little voice, I was laughing my head off.

Addie got the first of her 4 eye teeth, it is starting to poke through, the other 3 look like they are very close behind, she is drooling like crazy and biting too. She bit Lawrence's shoulder SO hard tonight. She got a time out. :) For some reason there is almost nothing that she does that doesn't seem adorable to me, that includes taking a chunk out of daddy's shoulder.

As for tomorrow, the nanny isn't coming, I'm working from home, and Lawrence's boss is calling him around 6am to let him know if she was able to make it into the office. So here's hoping to her not making it. We are upon THE busiest week at work for me, and I have my first performance appraisals to finish for my staff, so it would be great if daddy got another snow day with his girls tomorrow.

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