Monday, December 8, 2008

Rules: Round 1

"Lily, please do not mention body parts at the table"

I laughed aloud yesterday when I heard this "rule" as Lawrence said it to Lily. But it could have easily gone unnoticed as I wiped down countertops; and if questioned I might vaguely answered "you heard what your dad said, and you need to listen" without even thinking. Luckily I was paying attention to how it sounded. It got me to thinking...we have a lot of nonsensical rules that seem to really fit at the moment, but will make me laugh and shake my head when I actually sit back to think about the type of restrictions that just fly around without a second thought of how absurd it sounds. I'll attempt to remember some of those here, and do my best to explain what we were thinking! If you have similar type craziness at your house, I'd love to hear a "rule" or two of yours. Something you said and then in your after thought said, 'did I just say that?'

This one stems because as soon as you say (while eating or otherwise) ear, hair, nose, eye, chin neck etc. at the table, Addie immediately puts her finger up it or her food in it. Even when you don't, she particularly likes to put food in her ears and nose (as well as her mouth).

Lily says "Addie has something on her nose", immediately Addie puts her sloppy-joe covered pointer finger up it. Lily says, "Addie's hair is so soft", immediately Addie rubs her hair with a peach soy yogurt covered hand. Lily says, "Addie has blue eyes, mine are brown", immediately Addie is stabbing her sippy cup into her eye ball.

Lily laughs hysterically at each and every one of these messy motions by Addie. Then so does Addie and she purposely starts to stuff more Rice Crispies in her ear or drop eggs on the floor trying to find her toes. And it is funny. Really funny. But it's REALLY messy and no one eats. After a half hour of no food in mouths, no food on plates, and lots of food on tables, kiddie chairs (worst clean up place EVER-ick-I thought the high chair was bad), and floor... creates the rule for the moment. Only to last that long, but if only for an instant of sanity...and, if I'm lucky, one less piece of fruit leather to scrape off my hardwoods...then so be it.

"Lily, please do not mention body parts at the table"


  1. Awesome. We have those 'rules' too. Usually they are around, "Alex, we don't smother your brother", and "Ian, we don't stand on top of the coffee table", or "Guys, no screaming at the top of your lungs in the car" (as if outside of the car is fine.

    We also have a new rule that we don't talk about our toots (because nobody cares) and saying "I burped" after burping is not necesarry as everone heard it.

    Good post...I hear kids thrive with strong boundaries and rules. So let's go with that.

  2. I was told at a young age that I was not allowed to "flirt" with people. WHAT?? I think mom meant that I shouldn't talk to strangers. It came out weird though.