Friday, December 12, 2008

Latke Larry

Latke Larry came to us as a Hanukkah gift from Lawr's parents in 2004.

It is this little man that you push the button and he sings the below:

Latke Larry comes to you,
a friend to play with and fun to chew,
I’ve got tales of Macabees,
Oy and plenty of calories.
Celebrate our history
How we made it is still a mystery
Play the games
Light the flames sing and dance and praise His name,
Fill your plate, eat my chow.
Finally I have some serenity now

You, stop eating my latkes!

It is Jerry Stiller singing the tune and it is REALLY funny. You totally get the song stuck in your head. Every year we get Latke Larry out and laugh the first few pushes, get the song in our head and he is as much a part of our holiday traditions now as the Menorah or a Christmas tree. We also have this dancing snowman that I got at a "Christmas's around the World" party in New Jersey a million years ago. It sings "I'm a SNOW man" to the tune of "I'm a SOUL man". Equally as corny, funny, and getting old by the time he goes back in the box.

So the last few days we've been over hearing Lily muttering, "Latke Larry comes to you, with plenty of food and plenty of chew" or whatever rhyme she can think of. Also in play talk she says in her best old Jewish man voice "YOU, stop eating my Latke's!" It is SO funny to her say it. It's another ways to kids keep your traditions alive and make you laugh so hard when you see it through their eyes. LL even sleeps in Lily's room on the dresser, while soul man snowman is Addie's favorite thing to dance along with while holding and also to tuck under an arm. It's motion sensitive so she doesn't have to press anything.

If I've raised your interest, Larry has a website. Or if you youtube him, there are a million videos of people doing various things with him.

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