Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hard Decision

We decided to cancel our much anticipated trip to Joseph for Christmas. The Columbia River Gorge did open today for the first time in three days to let a mile long+ line of truckers and travelers through but they anticipate another 4-8 inches tonight and reclosing tomorrow. Lily was so disappointed when I told her. She started to cry, she LOVES going to Joseph. I was hoping to get my brother an Amtrak ticket yesterday to ease the pain for her, but last night all Amtrak between Eugene and Vancouver B.C. was down. Today they opened up the tracks and I have a ticket all set ready to hit 'purchase' when I get the go ahead from him. The fact that he hasn't answered my 67 calls this morning leads me to believe he has either a)misplaced his cell phone or b)doesn't really want to come and is avoiding me like the plaque. At 9am, I though he was probably sleeping in, now at 1pm, I'm thinking he probably doesn't want to come. He isn't the biggest fan of Christmas. I even laid on the guilt hard last night, "Don't you want to come to help pick up the peices of your neices broken heart?". He got on Amtrak.com, and the tracks were down, ahh, saved by the bell. Now tracks are back up and WHY won't he answer his phone. My mom said that I should just by the ticket, but I think that is the type of controlling behavior that he hates about me and mom. I THINK, I'm not sure tho, no confirmation.

So I keep waivering between buying the ticket (mom said she'd pay half) and saying screw it all together. Hmm. Let me make call number 68 first.

Today Lawrence is going to stop at Safeway, pick up a sled from Santa, a tree from the parking lot tree lot, a boat load of groceries, and ice cream...lots and lots of ice cream, so we can hunker down for the weekend. It is all supposed to turn to rain by the weekend. I guess we'll have to make a Christmas in February in Joseph.

I hope he gets another snow day, but regardless, I have the day off so at least I will be able to concentrate on the kids and can spread myself a tad thicker than the norm as of late.

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