Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Party Number Two

Christmas Party Number Two

Jeremy and Jennifer invited us over to a party at their house on Dec 13. We didn't know for sure because we thought it might be our evening of exhaustion after a day with all the kids. But we decided it would be good to get out and do something. Plus then we wouldn't have to worry about a Saturday night dinner, and we would get caught up with some friends. I had talked to Nichole on Friday, who had news that she was having a boy, and that she got laid off that morning. (Wow, what news. They will be okay, but it was very surprising and disappointing to her. I told her that it is the last time in her entire life that she won't have someone else to take care of, and how wonderful to only take good care of herself and nesting for the next 4.5 months.)

The Rose's left at 5:05 and we were out the door for The Ornelas's at 5:30 on the dot (and Lily and I changed clothes, Dad and Addie went a little more casual) . Talk about some SERIOUS planning on mommy's side. :)

The party was very fun. It was 5 couples total. Jer cooked a GREAT meal and I was able to get both girls down to bed there, so we got some grown up time. Another highlight was that after Addie went to sleep in the pak n play in J&Js room, Lily was able to go in and get to sleep without waking up Addie. (I know I know this should not be considered a party highlight, but it just wouldn't be me if I didn't work in a way to discuss sleep victories or challenges). We played a fun, easy, and hilarious game of "what if", any of you who ever play games with us, it is now on the list! We were hoping to make it an early night, but we were having so much fun, that we didn't leave until midnight. I only had 2 beers and stopped early so I could drive us, after I saw Lawrence thouroughly enjoying the variety of winter brews. Very yummy and very high alcohol content. Their friends Drew (local TV personality - channel 8 morning show) and Mia were there with 15 month old twins, and Addie had fun playing with them. One of them had glasses and the other was about to get them, his eye was turning in, so I got into a length discussion with Mia about my own early years glasses experience. As I looked and played with them, I just couldn't imagine the challenge of such a young toddler with glasses. And I GUARANTEE my mom didn't have the cool little sports strap to help keep mine on. But I have to remember I was a mature 2 year old like my Lily was, and I guess I understood and followed direction. Tho I remember liking to sneak out to play w/out my glasses, until my eye was so far turned in it was nearly disappeared,but I would hide from my mom not to see it, so I wouldn't have to go put them on.

Anyway, it was all lots of fun. Nichole and Rob are so excited about having a Baby Boy Bissell, and it was fun sharing with them, and also thinking what was ahead for them, it will all be so life changing (see earlier blog-this is the easy part!). Once we got home, we easily got our kids back to sleep after a quick bottle and a trip to the potty. Another sleep victory! (don't make fun, but we've only attempted this a time or two before, last one being the night I broke my foot).

A fun holiday party with good friends. Thanks Jer and Jenn!

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