Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh, MckMama, you do make me laugh

Remember when we all prayed for Stellan a few weeks ago? And it was a miracle, his very risky ablation worked? And how we all cried tears of Joy for this mama whose heart was on her sleeve?

Well, I just LOVED her post today, I LOVED reading that things like this happen to us all. HAHAHAHA. Oh daddies, you are so lucky to have us...and it's okay if we are the only ones who know it! Maybe that's the way it should be.


  1. Jenny thanks so much for sharing that and the link to McMama's post. I laughed so hard I thought I might pee....How I wish I could say some of those things out loud to my own husband sometimes...It brought a smile to my face for sure. Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Amen!! Her post was right on!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!